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Accurate Background Introduces AccurateConfirm, a Candidate-Driven Alternative for Employment History Verification

New Mobile Process Uses Payroll Service Providers and Employment-Related Documents Provided by the Candidate

Irvine, Calif., June 2, 2022Accurate Background, the largest privately held provider of compliant background checks, drug and health screening, and monitoring solutions, today announced an addition to their suite of verification tools – AccurateConfirm, which provides a more efficient and economical alternative to confirm employment history.

“Customers have been asking for alternative ways to verify a candidate’s employment that recognizes employment verifications should never have been one-size-fits-all. We are excited to offer our customers a new employment history solution, that delivers a highly automated, candidate-driven experience to confirm a candidate’s employment,” said Dave Dickson, Chief Product and Delivery Officer, Accurate Background. “AccurateConfirm offers our customers a new level of efficiency and cost-savings, by removing the tedious task of calls and emails to employers, and by eliminating costly third-party fees.”

Designed for instances where hiring may not require the same depth of employment history detail, or a simple confirmation that the individual was employed by the declared employer is all that might be required, AccurateConfirm provides an optimized workflow utilizing payroll data to confirm the information provided by a candidate. On occasions where payroll data is unavailable, candidates scan or upload valid employment-related documents.

AccurateConfirm delivers a report that includes the name of the employer and confirmation of employment during the candidate’s declared time frame. This up-front document collection streamlines the process, decreases turnaround time, and reduces the cost of verifying employment, allowing employers to swiftly confirm candidate-provided information on current or past employment and accelerate hiring.

“Establishing the employment history of a candidate is often a key step in the background screening process,” said Dan Shoemaker, CRO, Accurate Background, “Accurate now offers both AccurateConfirm and Employment Verification, providing employment history solutions for different hiring needs, to help customers hire the most qualified talent for every position.”

To learn more about Accurate’s verification products, visit https://www.accurate.com/employment-screening/verifications/.

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Our vision is to make every hire the start of a success story. As a trusted provider of employment background screening and workforce monitoring services, Accurate Background gives companies of all sizes the confidence to make smarter, unbiased hiring decisions at the speed of demand. Experience a new standard of support with a dedicated team, comprehensive technology and insight, and the most extensive coverage and search options to advance your business while keeping your brand and people safe. To learn more, visit accurate.com.

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