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Reducing internal shrinkage and ramping up quickly for seasonal peaks in hiring remains a primary concern for retailers. In an industry with historically high turnover, we help retail clients onboard better hires faster giving them the coverage they need for any season.


Healthcare is riddled with federal, state, and industry regulations and Accurate has the experience to keep your hiring practices in compliance. We work closely with healthcare providers to customize a screening program based on their historical challenges and unique needs while offering the best possible cost efficiency.

Financial Services

Banking and Financial institutions are confronted with increasing pressure to reduce exposure to money laundering, embezzlement, accounting fraud, terrorist financing, and more. We offer comprehensive screening catered to financial services and help them stay compliant with state, federal and international law.


In the staffing industry, placements need to be made fast and pre-screening of candidates is a must. We work with you to create a background screening program that applies your customers’ various hiring needs and quickly onboards candidates fit for the job.

On-Demand & Gig Economy

Our flexible technologies integrate seamlessly into your web or mobile application to provide fast, secure, compliant background checks for your peer-to-peer workforce.  Modern architecture supports minimal development time and allows you to configure a program to meet your unique requirements while remaining in compliance with nationwide regulations.

Higher Education

Ensure your educational environment is safe and trustworthy for students, faculty, and staff. We customize programs that help you focus on hiring the best talent and minimizing risk to your organization.

Construction & Manufacturing

In construction, deadlines drive development and safety is a must, making staffing a challenge. From criminal record searches to physical fitness, our comprehensive screening helps deliver the most qualified candidates for the job. Our Vendor Management Program ensures consistent, quality hiring decisions are being made on all third parties delivering work for your organization and customers.


Protect your business and customers with the assurance that your employees have been thoroughly background checked using the most current best practices. We serve the needs of all transportation segments, including trucking, aviation, private transportation and more.

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