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VerifyNow Pty Ltd trading as Accurate Background in Australia is a trusted provider of employment screening services to industry, government and SME clients in Australia and New Zealand. With a dedicated local support and operations team, we pride ourselves on our excellent service delivery and innovative solutions that help organizations build a trusted workforce.

As a part of Accurate Background, the world’s largest privately held provider of compliant background checks, drug and health screening, and monitoring solutions, Accurate Australia now has access to a global network of resources and expertise that enables us to offer our clients even more comprehensive and international compliance-driven employment screening solutions.

An Accurate Background Company

We are part of Accurate Background, the world’s largest privately held provider of compliant background checks, drug and health screening, and monitoring solutions. Accurate Background gives companies of all sizes the confidence to make smarter, unbiased hiring decisions at the speed of demand. Experience a new standard of support with a dedicated team, comprehensive technology and insight, and the most extensive coverage options to advance your business while keeping your brand and people safe. At Accurate Background, our vision is to make every hire the start of a success story.

We continue to operate as a registered body with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) under our legal entity, Verify Now Pty Ltd. This registration ensures our ability to conduct comprehensive ACIC checks within Australia, upholding the highest standards of accuracy and integrity in our services. To review our listing as a registered body please see the list “Accredited bodies authorised to offer a service directly to members of the public and other organisations (Legal Entity Customers)” on the ACIC website here.

While our legal entity is VerifyNow Pty Ltd, in Australia we trade as Accurate Background as we are a global provider of background screening services.

Help organisations build a trusted workforce.


Effective employment screening can help reduce the unintended damage to reputation, business function or loss of corporate knowledge. It indicates an organisation’s commitment to best practice in its talent acquisition process and helps mitigate the risks of poor hiring choices.

Our Values

People First

Strong respect and appreciation of our people and their life objectives.


Good communication is vitally important for strong relationships and positive outcomes.

Always Try Again

There is no such thing as failure. There are only results, from which we learn and adapt.

Mutual Support

We expect great commitment from our team; they can expect the same from us and each other.

Quality Outcomes

We will do all within our power to ensure that our clients receive quality outcomes that meet or exceed expectations.

Meet Client Needs

The interests of our clients are paramount. We give honest advice and foster long term business relationships.

Team Approach

We form the right team for each task. Individuals are not expected to understand everything – they work through and with others.


Whatever happens, take responsibility for your actions but remember support is always available.

The Team


Chief Executive Officer


Screening Operations Manager


Senior Product Manager


Client Services Manager


Account Executive


Marketing Specialist

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We provide a range of background checks and assessments to support the screening of new hires and the existing workforce.

Need A Tailored Screening Solution?

Accurate Australia was created to streamline employment screening and help employers recruit with confidence.


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