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Accurate Background is a global company with dedicated local Australian operations and support. Our mission is to help you recruit with confidence by making every hire the start of a success story.


Background Checks And Verifications

Police Check And Identity Verification

Australian Criminal History Checks can be processed via the Australian Federal Police or the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

Employment And Integrity Checks

Manage organisational risk by assessing the suitability of prospective employees to work in specific roles.

Credentials, Qualifications And Right To Work

These checks confirm if the candidate is appropriately qualified for the role.

Financial Regulatory And Business Checks

Financial Regulatory checks are commonly used for applicants involved with the management and financial transactions of a company such as directors, financial controllers, chief financial officers and investment bankers.

We’re here to help

Looking for a simpler, better workplace screening solution for your organisation? Talk to us today about how we can help you consolidate providers, optimise your process and enhance your service experience.


How does Accurate Background work?

Streamline employment screening. Accurate Background makes the process faster and simpler for both organisations and applicants.

Key Features

ACIC Accredited Body

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission accreditation for Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks.

AFP Authorised

We are authorised to process National Police Checks with the Australian Federal Police.

Fast Turnaround

Employment screening is our core business. We are experienced and really good at what we do.

Trusted Personnel

Our personnel are screened extensively for suitability before access is granted to our systems.

Reduced Paperwork

Applicants don’t need to print, scan and upload forms. Everything is completed online by phone, tablet or desktop.

Local Customer Support

Our team is based in Australia and will provide you with friendly support. Access our online knowledge base for 24/7 support.


Accurate Background helps organisations remove the hours of administrative effort screening employees.

Save time and money when Accurate Background undertakes employment background screening services for you. We make it easy to customise your screening requirements and ensure the right verification and checks are undertaken.

We can work with your talent acquisition team to tailor reference checks and manage the process efficiently and effectively. Utilising Accurate’s employment screening allows your HR team to get on with the business of interviewing, hiring and retaining quality personnel.

Available Packages

Enjoy peace of mind knowing an experienced, professional background screening company is ready to help you today.

Basic Package


Australia Essentials Package

Premium Package

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