Background Screening

What is employment background screening?

Employment background screening and pre-employment screening are the terms used for the checks undertaken before employment is offered. We consider employment screening a key component of a company’s risk management practices.

Checks can be undertaken pre-employment and throughout a candidate’s career e.g. as part of annual reviews or prior to promotion or change in roles.

Police Check And Identity Verification

Australian Criminal History Checks can be processed via the Australian Federal Police or the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

Employment And Integrity Checks

Manage organisational risk by assessing the suitability of prospective employees to work in specific roles.

Credentials, Qualifications And Right To Work

These checks confirm if the candidate is appropriately qualified for the role.

Financial Regulatory And Business Checks

Financial Regulatory checks are commonly used for applicants involved with the management and financial transactions of a company such as directors, financial controllers, chief financial officers and investment bankers.

Not sure which background checks to choose?

Businesses face challenges recruiting and retaining employees in today’s fast-paced world. Employees can be the greatest asset or the biggest risk of a business. Employment screening can help increase workforce integrity and trustworthiness. Let’s have a conversation so we can better understand your employment screening requirements.



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