Digital Footprint, Employment History and Reference Checks

Unlock the power of comprehensive employment screening with our employment history verification, reference checks, and digital footprint analysis services. Ensure your candidates’ past achievements and online presence align with your organization’s values and requirements. Start building a trustworthy and competent team today.

Employment History Verification

Employment history is one of the most common falsifications that candidates make when applying for a job. They provide inaccurate information about their past job titles, responsibilities and even reasons for termination, in the hope to secure a job offer. Companies who hire these fraudulent candidates can expose themselves to costly risks and reputational damage. This is where employment history verification comes into play. Our employment history check dates back to five years of history or two previous roles. Extended history checks are also available upon request.

Employment history verification includes confirmation of the following details:

  • Individual’s name on the qualification
  • Name of the Institution
  • Name of the qualification obtained
  • Date qualification was obtained

Reference Check – Online Written and by Phone

There are two types of reference checks available: employment and personal. Our reference checks can be completed online or by phone.

Online reference checks are fast and efficient. Referees are nominated by applicants and Accurate Australia requests referees to complete a customised reference check templates to learn more about a candidate’s capabilities and experience. The questionnaire template is constructed using a mix of skills, competency and behavioural based questions. Clients receive all completed referee reports verbatim.

Phone references are suitable for sensitive or senior positions that require a quicker, premium and more personal experience. Accurate Australia team members will schedule a time with the nominated referees to conduct the reference check.

Digital Footprint Check

A digital footprint is the unique pattern of electronic transactions made by an individual’s online presence. This can include information, articles, photos or videos you or others post or share online. A digital footprint check establishes an initial picture of a candidate’s online presence based on publicly available information.

Digital footprint checks can provide insights into potential behaviour of concern or it can help validate that the candidate is suitable. The benefit is it allows employers to appropriately assess the potential risk a candidate can pose to the organisation.


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Not sure which background checks to choose?

Businesses face challenges recruiting and retaining employees in today’s fast-paced world. Employees can be the greatest asset or the biggest risk of a business. Employment screening can help increase workforce integrity and trustworthiness. Let’s have a conversation so we can better understand your employment screening requirements.

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