Featured Image - Case Study: Feeding Those Who Protect Us with Navy’s Anchorage

Case Study: Feeding Those Who Protect Us with Navy’s Anchorage

Date Published: January 20, 2024 | Last Updated: January 25, 2024 | By Accurate Background (Australia)

If you’re a member of the Royal Australian Navy, or have ever worked on an Australian Navy Base, then you’re most likely aware of – and very fond of – Navy’s Anchorage. As the only independent provider of welfare in the defence industry, the organisation provides prosperity and support without government assistance.

The Anchorage supports the Navy family with 24 cafes and outlets offering a range of healthy food and beverage options along with full catering services and general supplies to Navy personnel and visitors. They also provide support through sponsorship, contributions to welfare and sporting funds, accompanying Navy establishment grants as well as aiding the Navy Relief Trust Fund.

The Navy’s Anchorage is a values-led organisation that has a mission to:

“support Navy members by providing a range of low cost healthy food and beverage options, where profits are returned through social enterprise programs, designed to enhance lifestyle and benefits.”

 To effectively carry out this mission they need to ensure that all their staff meet the requirements required to have access to Royal Australian Navy locations, which includes a range of background screening checks.

Navy’s Anchorage uses a number of employment screening solutions with Accurate Australia including Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks, Identity Verification, Reference Checks, Employment History Verification and Qualification checks.

Accurate Background’s mission is to empower our customers by helping them to build a trusted workforce. This mission is a perfect match for the Navy’s Anchorage and we’ve had a wonderful working relationship. We caught up recently with National People and Culture Manager Yvonne Richards to have a chat about their experience using the Accurate Australia platform:

Before using Accurate Australia, how were you carrying out employment screening?

We were using a different provider, but we were advised that the government had changed the rules around the level of security clearance needed. We found Accurate Australia through a referral. I’d also reached out to another company, but they failed to even get back to me. When I contacted Accurate Australia, your CEO Khai rang me back within half an hour. I was very happy with that response.

Why is screening important to your business?

Background screening is very important to our company because we need to ensure the staff with access to defence sites can be trusted. They’re potentially seeing things and hearing things and meeting people that could put the security of people and country at risk. Therefore it’s essential that our screening process is thorough.

What type of checks do you need to carry out for your organisation?

Our business runs cafes on Naval bases. Everyone needs to have a pass or they need to be escorted. To have a security clearance that allows access, that requires a police check that goes back 10 years. We want that high level of police check to make sure we can trust the candidate in question.

What has your experience been like using Accurate Background?

Our sign-on experience was great. It was very straightforward. We were given a detailed proposal, we had the process explained to us very well. We’re very happy with the level of service that we receive. If there’s a problem with a check, for instance an issue with one of the email addresses provided by a candidate, your Client Services team are right on it and get back to them. You’re very proactive, you get back to candidates quickly. We really value that.

If your organisation requires the proactive support and secure background screening provided to Navy’s Anchorage, get in touch today to discuss your needs.