Featured Image - Driving Licence and History Checks: The Ultimate Guide

Driving Licence and History Checks: The Ultimate Guide

Date Published: March 16, 2023 | Last Updated: November 21, 2023 | By Khai Ngo

As an Australian employer, ensuring the safety of both your employees and the general public should be a top priority. 

When hiring employees who will be driving as part of their job, verifying a candidate’s driving licence should receive the same attention as other background checks, such as verifying their qualifications or employment history. 

Along with validating a candidate’s drivers licence, obtaining a driving record can also provide valuable insight into a candidate’s driving habits, past incidents, and overall safety behind the wheel.

For job seekers, having a clear understanding of what’s on their own driving record is also essential, as it could impact their ability to secure a job that involves driving. 

So, in this guide, we will explore the significance of driving licence checks, offer a complete overview of the process, and provide information on what to look for and how to access it.

Driving Licence Check For Employers

When hiring someone who will be driving for your company as part of their job description, it’s essential to verify their driver’s licence to ensure that only licensed individuals are operating vehicles on your behalf. 

However, just having a licence is not enough, as a candidate’s driving record can impact your business if it’s not thoroughly examined.

So, a driver’s licence history check examines the candidate’s driving history in detail, revealing any potential red flags before you make a hiring decision. This type of check goes beyond just verifying the licence and includes a review of traffic violations, fines, the type of offence, and any pending cases.

How Do You Obtain a Driver’s Licence and Traffic Offence Check?

The process of obtaining a driver’s licence check in Australia varies from state to state. Each transport department has its own set of procedures in place for checking driving records. This could include accessing records through a website, submitting a query in person, or via mail. 

While you can access the exact steps to obtain a driver’s licence check via the state website in which the candidate holds their licence, here is a basic overview of what you can expect from the process: 

State Online Resource Description 
New South Wales Driver Licence Check (DLC)Allows you to enquire about licence validation and demerit points, provided that you have the consent from the driver
Queensland Licence History Check
Traffic History Check 
There are two separate checks, one that clarifies and validates licence number history and one that discloses a history of traffic offences, if relevant. This report will detail the offence details, information about licence sanction notices and periods of licence suspension, cancellation and/or disqualification.
Victoria Driver History Check Employers can request that VicRoads release a candidate’s driver history report provided they have written consent.

Alternatively, candidates can access their myVicRoads and order their own driver history check. 
There are different reports to choose from, but the “Full Driver History” will give you a comprehensive breakdown. 
South Australia Driver’s Licence History ReportIf you’re a mySAGOV account holder, your report will be available to download. Employers can request a printed report via email or in person at the Service SA Customer Service Centre along with the relevant payment. 
Tasmania Release of Licence Information You can obtain driving history information by completing the application form and lodging it at a service centre. 
Western Australia Licence status Demerit check Traffic Infringement NoticeYou can confirm a licence status and complete a demerit check via the Department of Transport’s DotDirect online portal. 
For a detailed infringement check, you will have to apply via the WA Police. 
Australian Capital Territory Licence History SearchProvided you have written consent from the driver, the ACT accepts email applications for a licence history report. 
Northern Territory Driver Licence HistoryYou need to fill in the relevant form, attach the supporting documents and submit the application via email, mail or in person.  

Although it’s entirely possible to do it yourself, you may want to consider employing the services of a third-party screening agency, such as VerifyNow, which can simplify the process of conducting a driver’s licence check. 

These agencies specialise in conducting background checks, including driver’s licence checks, on behalf of employers. 

The main benefit of using a third-party agency is that you can avoid the time and effort of coordinating directly with state transport departments to obtain the necessary information. The agency will obtain the candidate’s consent and work directly with the transport departments to obtain the driver’s licence information. 

This can streamline the process and ensure that the check is conducted promptly and accurately. Additionally, using a reputable third-party agency can also provide an extra layer of security and confidentiality, as they are experienced in handling sensitive information.

Driving Licence and History Checks For Employees

As a candidate, you may choose to obtain your own driving record before applying for a job that requires a driver’s licence check. This proactive step will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the information disclosed to potential employers.  

Knowing this information beforehand can also help you prepare for any questions that may arise during the hiring process.

To access your driving history information, you can follow all the above links in the table the same way the employer would. Alternatively, you can also employ the services of a screening agency to help you obtain the information you need. 

Key Takeaways

Conducting a driver’s licence check is a crucial aspect of the hiring process for employers who require employees to drive as part of their job responsibilities. The check goes beyond just verifying that a candidate has a licence, but examines their driving history in detail to ensure their suitability for the job. 

Employers have the option of carrying out these checks themselves or by using third-party screening agencies. Candidates who are aware of the importance of driver’s licence checks can access their own driving records beforehand to avoid any surprises and increase their chances of success in the job search process.

If you want to learn more about how Accurate Australia can help you navigate background screening checks, including driving history checks, get in touch today.