Featured Image - Why Pay-As-You-Go Employee Screening is a Smart Move for SMEs

Why Pay-As-You-Go Employee Screening is a Smart Move for SMEs

Date Published: May 02, 2022 | Last Updated: January 06, 2024 | By Jessica Veal

If you’re a small to medium-sized business owner, safeguarding your customers, staff and new hires should be of utmost importance to you. Here we discuss benefits of both new and traditional methods of employment background checks, and how pay-as-you-go screening is fast becoming an increasingly important factor in hiring decisions of SMEs.

What is pre-employment screening?

Background screening services (otherwise known as pre-employment screening) have been designed to support HR managers throughout the employee life cycle. From pre-employment screening, right through to a repeat employee screening, we’ve got you covered. Some checks are required as minimum regulatory requirements (for example, SM&CR for certified persons), whilst others can be helpful in assessing a cultural fit (social media checks for example).

For SMEs, pay-as-you go screening options for current and potential team members may be a fitting solution, and can save you time, money and more.

Background checks can allow you to vouch for and verify qualifications, employment history and sensitive information, aiding your due diligence processes and protecting those involved with your business. Contrastingly, registering for official background checks can be time-consuming and involve large budgets and contracts. This is why pay-as-you-go employee screening services, which allow you to sign up in just minutes, can allow business owners the advantages of background check tools, in a cheaper and less time-consuming fashion.

The need to screen remote candidates

The post-pandemic working landscape means that you need to protect your data and systems from any opposing threats, and background screening helps with this. Acting as a preventative measure, screening can help to cut costs in the long run as a small part of the recruitment process.

Potential candidates or current employees may work remotely, and screening can help you get to know your team whether they are near or far.

Rescreen current team members

For hiring managers, conducting background checks might be necessary on existing staff and prospective employees. Within a smaller company, small business owners may also be the hiring manager, and thus simple, time and cost-effective solutions are required for screening employees.

What are the general benefits of employee background checks?

Your small business needs to be confident in the candidates you hire, and pre-employment screening and background checks help to shield you from risk.

There are several advantages of employment screening background checks for small businesses – from vouching for the honesty of those who work for you, to mitigating risk against your company’s reputation. Some factors are more important than others, depending on your industry and customer base, but all businesses can use screening to encourage safe practices within them.

A new era for pre-employment screening for SMEs.

With small and medium-sized businesses in mind, we’ve launched Vero/Go, our pay-as-you-go screening solution for small businesses, medium-sized businesses and gig workers. With no contracts, this simplified employment screening service helps you find out the information you need to know, fast.

Services such as Vero/Go allow you to select specific packages for background checks, avoiding false checks and going beyond standard DBS checks, for example. Those in regulated industries can check for disqualifications, AML Compliance, complete criminal record checks and also social media checks. These elements of our industry are introducing a new era for pre-employment screening and we’re excited that Vero/Go is fast becoming a top resource for many businesses.

What types of background checks are there?

From general checks to those for high-risk positions, using a Vero/Go screening bundle for background checks can help you reduce your exposure to risk and ensure your candidates’ experience and qualifications are genuine whilst complying with any regulatory requirements.

We have defined comprehensive screening bundles based on our experience across multiple business sectors. Our background check packages include:

  • Financial Services
  • Legal
  • Professional Services
  • BS7858
  • BPSS

How Much are Small Business Screening Services?

We’ve defined affordable screening bundles for small business owners, based on our experience across multiple business sectors. Starting from £74, our employment screening bundles can help you reduce your exposure to risk and ensure your candidates’ experience and qualifications are genuine, while complying with any regulatory requirements.

How long does an employment background check take?

We aim to complete all screenings within 5 – 15 working days from receipt of the Candidate’s completed online form depending on the screening level, however screening turnaround times can vary from one Candidate to the next.

Click here to find out more about our small business employment screening services.

If you need to process more than 100 candidates per year, please get in touch to talk through your requirements in more detail: intouch@veroscreening.com