Pre-Employment Screening

Employment screening is the process of determining whether or not an individual is suitable for a given position. This includes individuals who are moving between job roles within an organisation.

Why Screen Employees?

During the recruitment process, your business needs to be confident in the candidates you hire. With our pre-employment screening process and background checks, you reduce your company’s exposure to risk. Accurate’s full employment screening helps employers make the right hiring decision, the first time. Our Candidate background screening service gives your company the tools you need to:

  • Vouch for the honesty and experience of your potential employee and candidates.
  • Protect the security and integrity of your data, and systems.
  • Comply with professional standards and statutory requirements in your industry.
  • Minimise risk and prevent damage to your company’s reputation.
  • Promote a culture of honesty and integrity, between yourself as an employer and your staff.

Why outsource background screening?

By outsourcing employee background checks to us, your HR team can be confident your pre-employment screening checks and reference checks will be completed quickly, run smoothly and meet the necessary professional and regulatory standards/compliance.

If your business is hiring new members of staff internationally or has prospective employees who have lived or worked abroad, you’ll have access to our language capabilities and extensive network of in-country background screening experts.

Our specialists will ensure the full screening, pre-employment vetting, recruitment and onboarding process is rigorous but, at the same time adheres to local data protection laws and respects cultural norms.

Our implementation team will work with your business to integrate our proprietary technology with your broader recruitment/hiring process – giving you access to an industry-leading candidate background screening solution.

A Consultative Approach.

By working closely with your company, listening to you and understanding your industry, Accurate builds a pre-employment screening process and background checking service tailored to your needs. We are ISO 27001 certified, this makes it possible for us to develop an approach that minimises risk and ensures legal and regulatory compliance for clients from a wide range of business sectors.

Our Complementary Services

In addition to standard pre-employment background screening checks, Accurate can also support you with the following complementary services:

Ongoing Monitoring and Employment Screening

also referred to as annual background checks or ‘re-screening’ of employees.

Retrospective Employment Screening

aligning existing employees with company-wide employment screening policy.

Top-up Employment Screening

delivering continued compliance for internally mobile personnel.

Leaver Employment References

providing instant and time-efficient employment verifications for HR.

We develop an approach that minimises risk and ensures compliance for clients.

Our Global Reach.

Placing pre-employment and background screening in a global context is especially pertinent given the internationally mobile workforce and compliance landscape of today.

Accurate has an extensive global reach, local language capabilities and a fully time-zoned model. Our extensive research, best practice and experience overseas enable us to support businesses and human resource departments with global job applicant and employee screening policies, who have specific legal requirements or are legally required to demonstrate compliance with local data protection legislation, employment law and cultural considerations, in each of their hiring locations.

Our Screening Services

Our background screening services are designed to mitigate risk during the hiring process and provide ongoing support throughout the employee lifecycle.

From pre-employment screening checks to ongoing monitoring and issuing leaver references. With sector-specific expertise and global reach, we place great importance on understanding the specific risk profile and cultural context of your organisation.

Although certain checks are not required by law, you should still consider every possible scenario. Our focus is on ensuring your business can achieve legal and regulatory compliance by implementing an effective and consistent approach to pre-employment and background screening and related services such as reference checks, DBS checks (Disclosure and Barring Service if working with vulnerable adults or children), candidate’s qualifications, employment dates, prior disciplinary actions, credit history, credit checks and right to work checks.

Criminal Record Checks.

The information obtained from a CRC is highly sensitive

Access to criminal records checks is strictly controlled in the United Kingdom. By engaging to manage the criminal record check process, your business will be able to make better informed and lower risk recruitment/hiring decisions. This is especially important when working within regulated industries or working with vulnerable groups and vulnerable people.

Social Media Checks.

Assess cultural fit and mitigate risk with this supplementary pre-employment screening procedure.

With clients increasingly looking to include social media searches and online checks in their pre-employment screening packages, we’re pleased to announce Accurate is now partnering with Neotas and Ferretly to offer this service.

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