International Employee Screening

About International Employment Screening

Our international background screening and pre-employment checks have been developed to span the globe.

We can help wherever your recruitment and talent acquisition takes you.

We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of international background screening with in-country knowledge and global screening services that are legally and culturally compliant.

We utilise our established network of trusted and fully audited suppliers, to deliver specialist country-specific and sector-specific expertise.

What are International Background Checks?

Typically, international background checks are used during pre-employment screening. As international job candidates become more common, and hiring across international frontiers the norm, international background checks enable employers to make more informed hiring decisions.

Since there’s no global database that allows employers to review information for applicants all in one place, international background checks ensure records are checked in each country where the applicant has lived.

International background checks help your business:

  • Make informed decisions based on reliable results from global databases and sources.
  • Ensure your candidate’s employment history is accurate.
  • Confirm your candidate has the skills and experience required
  • Reduce the risk of a bad hire
  • Ensure a consistent, globally compliant approach to background screening processes

What’s included in an international background check is entirely up to you. We can create bespoke packages to meet your specific needs. That said, the following information is usually included in international checks, where available:

  • Criminal record checks
  • Education verifications
  • Employment and professional references
  • Credit (financial integrity) checks

Why is it paramount to perform international background checks?

There are many reasons why it’s crucial to conduct proper and appropriate background screening for prospective employees: mitigating bad hire risk, ensuring you hire quality candidates who are all they appear to be, and complying with workforce regulations.

In the current era of globalised workforces, it’s more important than ever for organisations to protect themselves, their brand reputation and their employees by ensuring they have a well thought out and consistent global screening policy.

Considerations for international background screening.

Globalisation and outsourcing have led many organisations around the world to expand their business outside their home market, open offices overseas and recruit more foreign employees. Recruiting foreign nationals presents an additional challenge for companies involved in the global labour market: how to carry out international background checks. Here are some considerations that are vital for companies in need of global background screening:

Your International Employee Screening Partner.

By outsourcing employee background screening to us, your HR team can be confident your pre-employment checks will be completed quickly, run smoothly and in compliance with the necessary professional and regulatory standards.

If your business is hiring new members of staff internationally or has candidates who have lived or worked abroad, you’ll have access to our language capabilities and an extensive network of international background screening experts.

Our specialists will ensure the employment vetting process is rigorous but, at the same time, adheres to local data protection laws and respects cultural norms.

Our implementation team will work with your business to integrate our proprietary technology with your broader recruitment/hiring process – giving you access to an industry-leading candidate background screening solution.

Types of International Background Checks.

Our background screening services are designed to mitigate risk during the hiring process and provide ongoing support throughout the employee lifecycle, from pre-employment screening to in-employment screening and ongoing monitoring.

With sector-specific expertise and global reach, we place great importance on understanding the specific risk profile and cultural context of your organisation. Our focus is on ensuring your business can achieve legal and regulatory compliance by implementing an effective and consistent approach to pre-employment screening and related services.

Global Financial Integrity and Credit Checks.

An international credit/financial integrity check covers the same ground as a UK credit check — publicly available data on bankruptcy, insolvency, and civil litigation — but draws on international information sources. The availability of information varies from country to country, but Accurate are able to access the best sources in hundreds of jurisdictions, through credit reporting agencies and partners.

In-country Education / Professional Qualification Checks.

We’ll check the candidate’s academic record for both qualifications and attendance dates by approaching the relevant student records department directly. We’ll also make sure the institution they obtained the qualification from is legitimate. Wherever possible, we’ll obtain verification at source. If that isn’t possible, we ask the candidate to provide their certificates.

Global Compliance and Sanctions Checks.

A compliance database check is a search made against an extensive range of UK and international government, law enforcement, regulatory and financial databases. This background check is designed to reveal potential links to bribery, money laundering, politically exposed persons, (alleged) terrorism, corruption, fraud or miscellaneous risk.

International Directorship Checks.

An international directorship search covers the same ground as a UK directorship search, and looks to identify potential conflicts of interest, but it draws on international information sources. Where available, we’ll check for records of any director disqualifications as well, although it’s important to note the availability of directorship and disqualified directorship information varies from country to country.

Local Language Screening Questionnaires.

To ensure your international candidates have the best possible screening experience, we’re able to offer our secure online screening questionnaire in a number of different languages. We can also discuss any additional languages requirements as part of our implementation process with you.

International Criminal Record Checks.

In the UK, there are three different types of criminal-record checks (basic, standard or enhanced). What’s included in the check depends on which one you run but may consist of details of a candidate’s convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings, if they have any. The more comprehensive a criminal-record check is, the tighter the restriction on who can access it. For international criminal-background checks, the availability, sources, format and accessibility of criminal records will be subject to local variations. We can guide you regarding the type, suitability and availability of these checks on a country by country basis.

Local Employment History References & CV Verification.

When screening a candidate, we’ll obtain written references from verified official sources, for instance, the candidate’s previous employer’s HR department. A large percentage of our staff speak one or more languages, so we’ll typically make these requests in local language, if appropriate, when contacting overseas organisations. And we’ll always take the time to talk the referee through the process to make sure they understand what we are asking for, why and on whose behalf. Once we get a response, we’ll make the written references available to you using our secure platform. The amount of information referees are able to disclose will depend on both company policy and local legislation but, at the very least, they’ll verify the candidate’s job title and dates of employment.

We’ll also compare the candidate’s screening questionnaire against the CV presented at the interview stage. By cross-referencing the candidate’s documents, we identify any anomalies or discrepancies between the information they presented at interview, versus the information they put down on the screening questionnaire.

Global Media Searches.

Adverse media searches are searches of UK and international English-language media sources. We use a specially devised search string to trawl more than 40,000 different sources for any articles which reference to the recruit/job applicant in a negative context. We’re also able to offer local language media searches in 25 languages and 120+ locations.

Electronic ID Document Checks.

Using ID document check, we validate identity documents such as the candidate’s passport or driving licence. We do this using cross-matching algorithms and the job applicant/candidate’s personal information.