Next Generation Web and Mobile Technology.

When you use our client portal, we want you to have the best experience possible. That’s why we developed the technology ourselves.

No other company in the employee screening industry has anything like it. And we’re committed to making sure you get exactly what you want from it. Our reporting tools present both candidate data and report findings in an accessible and easy to use format.

We use our distinctive ‘screening wheels’ to show you each candidate’s screening progress at a glance. With our interactive interface you can quickly access more detailed reporting should you need it.

Technology that keeps on moving you forward.

To help clients who are on the move, our portal has been optimised for use on a wide range of devices including PCs, smartphones and tablets.


Receive alerts and updates.
Our app will send alerts and updates and our portal generates a full audit trail. This means you can track the whole pre-employment screening process, from start to finish.

Track your candidate’s progress.
Our technology enables you to track candidate progress and prompt them to submit their questionnaires with easy access to call, SMS and email.

Development and Integration.

  • We continuously monitor industry developments
  • We constantly update our technology to deliver an enhanced user experience
  • When you need something updated or amended, we can be on the case – fast
  • Our team respond promptly to all user requests
  • We proactively adapt our systems and interfaces to meet your specific business needs.

Our digital service is closely tailored to your needs. We don’t believe in an off-the-shelf client or candidate experience, and that’s why we don’t use off-the-shelf employee screening technology. Our tools, programs and systems are built and maintained in-house, by our team of developers.

Tracking Performance and Service Levels.
When you work with us, we make sure you have all the information you need to manage your candidates and your relationship with us. Key performance indicators and metrics for progress are at your fingertips. We’ll support you in identifying trends and issues within your onboarding process, and if there’s something you want to track that isn’t currently covered by our reporting system, our development team is there to help.

Your Candidate’s Experience.
We understand your candidate’s experience of the screening process forms part of their first impressions of your company. So, we do everything in our power to make that experience a positive one – aligned with your brand. Our online screening questionnaire has been designed to gather information quickly and accurately and we’ve designed our interface to be easy to use on a desktop or mobile.