Featured Image - Why should screening be part of your recruitment and employment process?

Why should screening be part of your recruitment and employment process?

Date Published: May 11, 2023 | Last Updated: February 14, 2024 | By Rebecca Forsyth

Pre-employment screening is an integral part of the recruitment process and HR function.

It gives you confidence in your new hire, reduces business risk, and ensures you’re fully compliant in your industry and the country you’re hiring in. And regularly rescreening your employees means that you promote a culture of honesty and integrity within your organisation.

Outsourcing your background screening means your HR function will be completely supported throughout the process. Screening and reference checks will be finalised quickly, and regulatory standards met. As part of the Accurate group, we provide unparalleled global employee screening services. From bespoke in-house Client and Candidate portals to integrations with HR Management Systems and Applicant Tracking Systems, our credential verification procedures are enhanced and supported by our market-leading HR technology. With offices across Europe, the USA, APAC and Australia, our deep understanding of local data protection legislation, employment law and cultural considerations across the globe means that you’ll feel comfortable hiring – wherever your Candidates are. So how can background screening help you?

  1. Protect your reputation

Background screening is an insightful tool for HR Managers. Learn who you’re bringing into your business effectively and consistently, preventing damage to your reputation by ensuring your candidate is trustworthy, qualified, and a great cultural fit.

  1. Vouch for the honesty and experiences of your employees and candidates

When you receive a CV, make sure that what you see is what you get: reference checking can ensure that your new employee truly does have the qualifications and experience necessary for the role.

  1. Keep your data secure

Your employees may need to be privy to the inner workings of your company, with visibility of sensitive and confidential data. Make sure you’re hiring someone you can trust to avoid costly data breaches.

  1. Comply with professional standards

For businesses in many sectors, it can be a regulatory requirement to demonstrate that their staff are ‘Fit and Proper’, and specialised checks such as Senior Managers & Certification Regime (“SM&CR”) – an FCA/PRA regulation – support this. Even where these checks are not legally required, it is important to encourage a culture where staff take responsibility for their actions, whilst clearly understanding where this responsibility lies.

  1. Promote a culture of honesty and integrity

Each business has a unique culture that needs nurturing, not only through policy and leadership, but by ensuring Candidates are a great team fit in terms of attitude and values. With supportive background screening, you can ensure that who you are hiring is right for your company.

There are a huge variety of reasons why background screening is necessary for your business. Explore the types of checks you can run.

If you are interested in learning how background screening services can benefit your business, get in touch with our experts to talk about your unique requirements: ukenquiries@accurate.com.