Digital Identity

What is Digital ID?

Digital Identity is helping make it safer and easier for people to prove who they are. And for Candidates going through an employment screening exercise with Accurate, it’s speeding up the route to onboarding and making it easier than ever to complete the process.

How does it work?

We’ve partnered with Yoti to integrate digital identification verification into the Accurate portal.

When you login to complete your online screening form, you’ll be invited to verify your identity digitally by downloading the Yoti app onto your smartphone. From within the Yoti app, you’ll be asked to follow these three simple steps to digital ID.

Step 1: Upload a government-issued ID document
Step 2: Take a selfie to create your reusable digital ID
Step 3: Verify your ID and share it with Accurate

Once you’ve confirmed your digital ID, you’ll also benefit from the wider applications of the Yoti digital ID service, if you chose to do so. You’ll be able to use Yoti as ID online worldwide and in over 30,000 Post Offices, Payzone stores and convenience stores in the UK.

The Yoti app is entirely separate from the Accurate portal and your digital ID remains in your full control at all times, only shared with us if and when you choose to do so.