Information and Resources.

We believe regular and easy access to news, industry updates and screening related resources is critical to the service we provide. Helping you stay informed and up to date.

We’ve set up a dedicated information ‘HUB’ who seek out the answers to your questions around compliance, legislation, international services and industry best practice.

Our HUB team regularly create and curate relevant and engaging content. And you’ll have unlimited ‘self-serve’ access to all this via Vero/Point: our online information repository.

Find what you need. Fast.

All Vero/Point content is searchable by keywords. Or simply explore our document libraries for interesting articles and useful resources. Navigate by key topics such as:

  • Data Protection
  • Information security
  • Training videos
  • Reference and whitepapers
  • Global screening
  • Resources for candidates
  • How we work

Getting Access.

Existing clients can access to Vero/Point directly from the client portal. If you’re a prospective client and would like to know more about Vero/Point or any other services, get in touch via the Contact Us page. We’d love to hear from you.

In-Country Hiring Guides.

Our in-country hiring guides are among most regularly accessed Vero/Point content. These comprehensive guidance notes offer insightful commentary on local legislation and culture. They explore:

  • Benchmarking and screening in practice
  • Service availability overview
  • Legal and compliance service insights
  • Data processing in an employment context
  • Relevant legislation