Blog: Accurate Provides Free Screenings for Essential Daycare Volunteers

May 6, 2020 Accurate Background

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Accurate Background has partnered with MN COVIDSitters to provide free background screening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MN COVIDSitters, a Minnesota-based nonprofit that provides childcare services to healthcare and other essential workers, was founded earlier this year by a group of medical students at the University of Minnesota Medical School. They saw an unprecedented childcare need when the novel coronavirus hit.

COVIDSitters uses an application system, developed by health tech company Clinician Nexus, to link health care workers in need of childcare, pet-care, and errand services with volunteering college and university students.

Under its partnership with Accurate Background, the nonprofit can screen potential volunteers before placing them with a family. 

With 90 percent of the world’s pupils out of school due to COVID-19, Angelina Omodt-Lopez partnered with her fellow med school classmates to help doctors, nurses and other front-line medical workers.

“Safety is our number one priority at COVIDSitters,” says Omodt-Lopez.

Each COVIDSitter volunteer has undergone an Accurate background check, is up to date on immunizations, and has a valid student ID. A risk mitigation team at COVIDSitters works with the department of health to limit ways that COVID-19 can spread amongst its volunteers and families.

Since its formation, COVIDSitters has helped over 250 families in the Twin Cities metro using more than 300 volunteers. The development of the application allowed for expansion into rural Greater Minnesota areas. Now, COVIDSitters has partnered with over 150 national and six international groups to establish sister organizations.

Kira Horn, a solutions consultant at Accurate who’s helping to manage the MNCOVIDSitters account, said she’s proud to work for a company that genuinely wants to help.

“One of the many reasons I am thrilled about my choice to move to this company is what we provided to MNCOVIDSitters in terms of products.” she said. “We did what was right, not what was  easy. I continue to be  proud of our organization and the level of integrity demonstrated day in and day out.”

“Eight weeks ago, none of the COVIDSitters admin members thought that establishing a nonprofit was something that they were capable of,” says Omodt-Lopez. “Once the COVID-19 pandemic resolves, we will work with emergency response teams to ensure that childcare is incorporated into pandemic and natural disaster planning.

For more information on volunteering for COVIDSitters, visit To start a COVIDSitters Sister organization in your area visit

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