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  • Switching Background Screening Providers0:47

    Switching Background Screening Providers

    🌟 Considering a Change in Background Screening Providers? 🌟 In this brief but insightful video, we explore the compelling reasons why organizations like yours might be contemplating a switch in their

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  • Drug & Health Screening — Accurate Background2:18

    Drug & Health Screening — Accurate Background

    A dependable drug and health screening program is vital for employers. To advance the process and improve the candidate experience, the employment screening experts at Accurate Background have develop

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  • Social Media Background Checks — Accurate Background1:09

    Social Media Background Checks — Accurate Background

    Social media background checks are a hot topic in the HR space. See how our fast and compliant social media screening can help improve time to hire and employee retention. To learn more about socia

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  • Accurate Background Celebrate 25 Years1:39

    Accurate Background Celebrate 25 Years

    Accurate Background Celebrate 25 Years of Background Screening Excellence. To mark this momentous occasion, employees from all around the globe gathered in person and via live stream to celebrate.

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  • Global Searches1:03

    Global Searches

    We live in an increasingly global world. As the remote work model has exploded, employer hiring pools are no longer limited to the immediate areas surrounding their physical locations. Plus, as the

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  • Ban the Box — Accurate Background0:55

    Ban the Box — Accurate Background

    Ban the Box laws have swept the nation, adding sometimes multiple layers of additional regulation for employers. Ban the Box is the practice of outlawing the check box on employment applications that

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  • Drug & Health Screening — Accurate Background1:14

    Drug & Health Screening — Accurate Background

    When it comes to hiring, finding healthy, drug-free employees is critical to your success. At Accurate Background, our comprehensive drug screenings tap into a nationwide network of collection sites a

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  • Credit Checks — Accurate Background0:47

    Credit Checks — Accurate Background

    Confirming a history of personal integrity is vital, especially when hiring workers with fiduciary responsibilities. And in some cases, such as those with accounting, financial record-keeping, or chec

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  • Employment Verifications — Accurate Background0:56

    Employment Verifications — Accurate Background

    Employment and education verifications are integral to most hiring managers. Ensuring your potential hire has the skills and experience needed to succeed in the role is crucial. Our comprehensive ed

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  • Background Check ATS Integrations — Accurate Background1:12

    Background Check ATS Integrations — Accurate Background

    Accurate's compliant background checks seamlessly integrate with almost any ATS. We have more than 50 pre-built integrations plus an open API that allows us to integrate with any applicant tracking sy

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  • Webinar: Background Screening Q&A59:56

    Webinar: Background Screening Q&A

    Background screening isn’t a commodity, it’s an experience, and to choose the best experience for your candidates you need to better understand one of the most critical stages of the candidate journey

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  • I9 Verifications — Accurate Background1:02

    I9 Verifications — Accurate Background

    Accurate Background is a leading provider of I9 verifications. We connect directly to the E-Verify system to ensure accuracy. Accomplish more in less time with a cloud-based, mobile-enabled Form I-9 s

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  • Sanctions Checks — Accurate Background1:06

    Sanctions Checks — Accurate Background

    Protect your organization and your customers with sanctions checks from Accurate Background. We've partnered with U.S. Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to provide compli

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  • Motor Vehicle Report Checks — Accurate Background1:00

    Motor Vehicle Report Checks — Accurate Background

    Motor Vehicle Report checks are an integral component of employment background checks, especially when it comes to employees who drive on behalf of your business. If you operate a fleet of vehicles

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  • Webinar: Increase Redeployment by Improving the Candidate Experience58:50

    Webinar: Increase Redeployment by Improving the Candidate Experience

    Increase redeployment by improving the candidate experience Companies spend an exuberant amount of time and money on recruitment and talent acquisition but often fail to include redeployment as part

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  • Nicole Martin — Manager, Public Records1:15

    Nicole Martin — Manager, Public Records

    Nicole Martin is the Manager of Public Records at Accurate Background. She has been with the company for 12+ years and has worked her way through the ranks. As Accurate celebrates its 25th year in the

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  • Background Screening Basics for Staffing Agencies3:12

    Background Screening Basics for Staffing Agencies

    Staffing agencies hire for every position in every industry, which makes the background screening process a little more complicated. This video will walk you through background screening basics for st

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  • The Basics of Background Checks for Gig Employers3:17

    The Basics of Background Checks for Gig Employers

    The Covid-19 pandemic made clear that hybrid work models are the future of work. And the gig economy continues to dominate that space. But what are the risks? Background screening your gig workers is

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  • Ryan McMahen — Sr. Account Executive1:12

    Ryan McMahen — Sr. Account Executive

    Meet Ryan! Ryan is a senior account executive on our enterprise team. He helps create a better background check experience through the use of technology. Ryan says Accurate is an exciting place to wor

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  • Accurate India Office Opening3:09

    Accurate India Office Opening

    Accurate Background has opened a new office in Thane, India. The new innovation hub marks the employment screening firm's global expansion efforts. You can read more about the office opening and Acc

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