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November 16, 2022

Social media background checks are a hot topic in the HR space. See how our fast and compliant social media screening can help improve time to hire and employee retention. To learn more about social media background checks, visit




You’ve found a candidate you love. And the interview went great. But what about that extra piece of the puzzle? How will they fit with your company’s culture and values? Social media screening helps complete the picture. That’s what makes Accurate’s compliant Social Media Screen the perfect complement to a criminal background check. We search all the top platforms, so you don’t have to. And you really shouldn’t. The act of scrolling a candidate’s social accounts yourself can expose your company to claims of bias—and liability. No matter what you see in someone’s accounts. Our AI technology and specially trained human analysts cut out bias, in a way that meets Fair Credit Reporting Act guidelines. Our system flags multiple characteristics and compliance-approved keywords, including hate, violence, harassment, threats, obscenity, terrorism, and narcotics. Compliant, comprehensive searches, without bias. Hiring with confidence. And another perfect fit. It’s all part of how Accurate helps make every hire the start of a success story. Click the link for more about social media background checks.

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