Webinar: When Public Records are no Longer Public Records

October 29, 2021

Date of birth (DOB)* verification is one of the most important pieces of information used to run an effective background check.

The question is – with the ban of DOB on public records in select states, how will employers be able to ensure they are getting the correct information for the applicant they are screening?

Join Bon Idziak, 23-year industry expert and Chief Compliance and Government Relations Officer at Accurate Background, as he covers concerns with public records retrieval and how a change in law, or interpretation, has made criminal background checks challenging for employers.

The session will address current issues with access and ways that you can help improve the outcome. As well as:

  • Background Check Compliance
  • Need-to-Know Compliance Best Practices
  • Compliance risks employers face without the DOB on background checks
  • Explore potential solutions around these new challenges

Make sure you view this webinar so you are up-to-date on these compliance laws.

* The DOB redaction affects all employers running public records checks on any candidates that may have lived, worked, or gone to school in California or Michigan. AND, these states could set a precedent for other states to follow suit.

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