Jul 25 2018

Amendments to San Francisco’s Fair Chance Ordinance

On April 3, 2018 the City of San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed an amendment to the Ordinance to better align with the requirements of California’s statewide Fair Chance Act that went into effect January 2018.

Jun 06 2018

Washington State and Spokane – Ban the Box

Washington State and the City of Spokane have joined a growing number of jurisdictions that have passed so‐called “ban‐the‐box” laws. Both laws limit when employers can inquire into and consider the criminal history of a job applicant and will go into effect in June 2018.

Mar 15 2018

Maine – Recreational Marijuana

Maine became one of eight states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2016, however, they continue to work on the language and requirements that will permit the cultivation and sale of marijuana and marijuana products.

Mar 14 2018

Kansas City, MO – Ban the Box

The Kansas City Council recently approved Ordinance No. 180034, amending Chapter 38 of the City’s Code of Ordinances and expanding their ban the box law to private employers. The revised law will take effect June 9, 2018.

Jan 01 2018

2017 Compliance Recap

A look at important laws from 2017 that may have an impact on your background screening process.

Nov 30 2017

Oregon, Delaware and San Francisco Salary History Restrictions

Oregon, Delaware, and San Francisco have passed laws restricting the use of salary history in employment screening and decisions. These laws add to the list of jurisdictions who have passed similar legislation to restrict the use of salary history and promote pay equity.

Nov 29 2017

California Fair Chance and Salary History Regulations

Governor Brown recently signed two new laws in California that may impact your hiring processes and practices. Both laws will go into effect on January 1, 2018, and restrict employers’ use of criminal history and salary history during the employment screening process.

Jul 26 2017

Philadelphia, New York City and Massachusetts Salary History Restrictions

Several jurisdictions have recently passed laws prohibiting employers from inquiring about, or relying upon, a job applicant’s salary history.

Jul 10 2017

California Fair Chance Regulations

The Office of Administrative Law recently approved the new regulations proposed by the Fair Employment & Housing Council (FEHC). These regulations introduce additional limitations on the use of criminal history by employers, and also includes steps employers may need to take when making an adverse decision based on an applicant’s criminal history. The new regulations take effect July 1, 2017.

May 09 2017

2017 Washington D.C. Credit Report Restrictions

Washington DC Bill 21-0244 amends the city’s existing “Human Rights Act of 1977” by signing the “Fair Credit in Employment Amendment Act of 2016” making it a discriminatory practice to use an applicant’s or employee’s credit information for general employment decisions.