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July 25, 2023

A dependable drug and health screening program is vital for employers. To advance the process and improve the candidate experience, the employment screening experts at Accurate Background have developed a new mobile-enabled, technology-forward tool designed with the end user in mind. To learn more about this exciting new platform and tap into the largest network of testing sites available, visit https://www.accurate.com/employment-screening/drug-testing-health-services/

 The new platform includes: -

  • New self-service capabilities
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Seven new reports
  • Text and email notifications
  • And much more...

===== Video Script ======

CLIENT: “I just sent my candidate an invitation to schedule their drug and health screening…from my phone.”

CANDIDATE: “I just scheduled my screening and easily found a clinic near me…from my phone.”

CLIENT: “And it’s because of Accurate’s improved user-friendly experience.”

CLIENT: “With its mobile-first technology, Accurate made scheduling, viewing, and extending drug and health screens faster and easier for me and my candidate. It all starts here on my dashboard which I can access from my phone or computer. Accurate added this new easy-to-use tab for ‘Drug and Health Services’ right here. I just sent the scheduling invite to my candidate.”

CANDIDATE: “After opening my email from Accurate, I know exactly what I need to do next to schedule my drug and health screening appointment. The address field automatically populates my address. The ‘Clinics Near Me’ shows a map view or list view of local clinics. This green pin is my future employer's preferred clinic. How convenient is that? Clicking here I can add my appointment right into my calendar, and opt-in for SMS reminders, too. Here's the coolest part...Accurate even mapped out my route to the provider. Plus, it shows the driving distance along with the current travel time to the testing location. And Accurate expanded their network of test sites to over 15,000 locations nationwide, making it easier to get your screening done no matter where you live.”

CLIENT: “Accurate made other improvements too, like this new at-a-glance view of candidates who have and haven’t completed their drug and health screenings. In this tab, I can view my candidate’s registration document, reschedule a test or extend the expiration date or cancel the test ordered. Now getting my candidate through their drug and health screening takes less time and with more options for both of us.”

CANDIDATE: “And I love how Accurate’s smooth testing experience, gave me a great first impression of my future employer.”

CLIENT: “Accurate makes it easy for us to work together.”

CANDIDATE: “Even on drug and health screenings.”

CLIENT & CANDIDATE TOGETHER: “You gotta check it out!”

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