To Test or Not To Test: Marijuana Testing Consideration for Employers

May 10, 2023 Jeramy Gordon

Public opinion favoring legalizing cannabis grows every year. Further, the rate of positive cannabis test results has jumped in the last decade. Yet there remains tension between federal and state law, with most states legalizing medical or recreational cannabis.

And according to recent news reports, some large employers have stopped testing job applicants for cannabis. As a result, other employers may be pondering whether to change their approach to an increasingly popular drug that is legal for medicinal or recreational use in most states. However, the decision may not be so easy.

In this webinar, Jennifer Mora of Seyfarth Shaw discusses various issues that might aid relevant stakeholders in weighing the practical and legal risks before making this important decision. She also discusses best practices for drug testing, the importance of a robust reasonable suspicion testing program, the science behind proving impairment, and what’s on the horizon.

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Marijuana Laws Spread Like a Weed
Marijuana Laws Spread Like a Weed