Making Background Checks Easier

We believe in establishing long-term partnerships and being easy to work with. Our industry-leading technology adds automation to a complex screening process while our U.S. based support offers personalized service, resulting in a client retention rate over 98%.

We Can Handle It

Every facet of our company reflects the best practices of our industry – from our processes to our technology. For over 20 years we have provided thousands of clients with a consultative approach to executing background check best practices.

  • 24 million searches per year
  • Over 13,000 clients
  • Capabilities in over 190 countries

Only the Highest Quality

Accurate Background has strong quality control and audit techniques that result in near-perfect accuracy rates. Our operations have been specifically designed to manage large volumes while maintaining some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Technology That Works

The technology we build is shaped by user demand to improve efficiency and keep up with evolving trends. We constantly work with our client base to understand where we can innovate and continue to make improvements that will have a positive impact.

Contact Our Sales Team

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