Mobile-first employment drug testing and health screening designed to create a better candidate experience.

Tap into a network of more than 15,000 testing sites. Find drug-free and healthy employees who can focus on serving the specific needs of your company and customers.

Comprehensive Pre-Employment Drug Screening Service

Our comprehensive pre-employment drug screening services tap the largest nationwide network of collection sites and laboratories to help your candidates schedule and complete their tests on their terms. Intelligent pre-employment health screening services help you make quick, compliant and informed hiring decisions to maintain a healthy workforce and comply with your industry guidelines.

Electronic Scheduling

Candidates can schedule employment drug testing and health screening directly from their mobile device. Our network of nationwide clinics makes it easy to find a site that can accommodate their medical service requirements at one location.

Paperless Drug Testing

Our closed-loop testing event increases efficiency and helps you control costs. A paperless process helps achieve 24-hour turnaround for negative results and instant test results using our rapid testing solution.

Electronic Drug and Physical Forms

Keep track of all paperwork in one digital repository. Accurate Background’s scheduling management system supports an electronic chain of custody form, reducing delays from lost or incorrect paperwork and decreases the turnaround time of results.

Drug & Health Services

Urine, Hair & Oral Fluid Testing

Our urine drug testing includes a vast nationwide network of collection sites and supports extensive panel options, including DOT urine testing. Hair testing can uncover habitual drug use that might not be apparent through urine or blood tests. Pre-employment drug screening using hair provides insight into a longer window of detection. Spot checks for illegal drugs involving oral fluid tests can save lives. We schedule reputable partner providers to come directly to your premises to administer oral fluid tests to your staff.

Health Services Solutions

Quickly schedule the full scope of pre-employment health screenings for your new hires. Through our provider network, we offer fully-compliant health testing that apply to your industry, such as physicals, tuberculosis testing, nicotine testing, alcohol screening, titers, chest X-ray, vaccinations, audiograms, vision and respiratory testing.

DOT Drug Testing

Make sure your drivers are never impaired on the road. Perform a standard DOT-approved drug test and/or random, post-accident or reasonable suspicion drug screening and breath alcohol testing. Drivers can electronically schedule their DOT and non-regulated drug tests and physicals through their mobile device and process electronic chain of custody forms.

DOT Medical Services

Make sure your transportation team is road-ready. Ensure driver physical fitness by scheduling DOT physicals performed by DOT certified examiners. Connect with testing providers that perform a standard DOT-approved drug test and can also handle random, post-accident or reasonable suspicion drug screening and breath alcohol testing. Each of these services complies with DOT regulations.

Industry-Specific Health Screenings

Make sure the medical and health checks you order are correct and compliant for your industry. The Accurate Background platform can schedule services for healthcare professionals such as vaccinations, titers and TB testing, as well as expanded panel options. Set up specialized testing for safety-sensitive positions such as forklift operators, assembly line workers and inventory specialists. You can also add standalone services for industries energy that require additional testing, including things like vision testing, audiograms, respiratory clearance and chest X-rays.

How do we deliver a better screening experience?


We’re perfectionists

We put all our energy into optimizing every facet of the client, candidate, and product experience every day.


We listen

We don’t just solve your problem—we work to strengthen your organization. When you talk, we take note.


We’re compliance experts

Navigating compliance rules that vary by jurisdiction is a lot to handle on your own. We keep our eye on compliance at all times so you can focus on finding the right fit.


We’re right-sized for your business

We offer both enterprise-level packages and small business solutions to put the power into your hands – at a budget that makes sense for your business.


We’re here for you

When you call, we answer. We’re available 24/7 in whatever language you speak to answer your questions and help you make the most of our services.


You can count on our technology

We continuously update our platform, and our dedicated team makes sure our tech meshes with yours.

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