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With both consumer safety and company reputation on the line, thorough background screening in the sharing economy becomes increasingly critical. The good news is that advancements in technology and screening techniques have also made proper screening fast and flexible.

Easy-to-Integrate Background Checks for the Gig Economy

Background checks can be easily integrated into a sharing economy company’s existing technology without limiting their ability to process potential contractors quickly. Plus, Accurate’s customizable screening solutions deliver fast, streamlined results.

  • Proactive compliance approach
  • Automation for better scalability
  • Full suite of configurable services designed for your business
  • Quick and accurate results
Build and maintain a trusted brand with a proactive compliance approach

Mitigate your risk with configurable automated compliance features that help you meet industry standards. Let our in-house experts develop a pre-employment screening program that allows you to engage the right talent to support your on-demand workforce.

Increase speed and productivity with automated tools and scalable technology

Our advanced, open API allows you to automate the ordering process directly from your platform of choice to efficiently streamline results. At Accurate, our infrastructure and automation support high-volume hiring needs and adapt quickly to changing demands, without sacrificing quality or speed.

Services that support your platform

As you localize services to support your community, let us provide services to support you. From continuous monitoring and identify verification to motor vehicle and social media reporting, we offer a full suite of configurable services built into an easy-to-use platform.

Background checks that let you focus on facilitating services while we deliver the results

Our dedicated team will help you create a tailored, automated screening program that fits your hiring strategy, allowing you to focus on your customers, your workforce, and your brand – while we focus on delivering quick, accurate results.

Packages as Flexible as Your Workforce

No two jobs are the same. Choose from a variety of packages designed to support your entire on-demand workforce.

Delivery (Non-Driver)Service ProviderDriverCaregiver
Criminal Background Check
Sex Offender Registry Search
Driving History & Monitoring

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