Continuous monitoring to maintain a safe, compliant workplace.

A consistent policy for monitoring ensures uninterrupted safety and integrity for your workplace. Pre-employment background checks are essential, but without monitoring, you will likely be unaware of missteps, criminal charges, license issues, or other concerns that could pose legal liability or compliance implications for your organization. Accurate’s employee monitoring services keep you in the know.

The Value of Continuous Monitoring:

  • Protection for your brand and business reputation
  • Safety for your employees and customers
  • Assurance of eligibility for relevant government programs
  • Mitigation of financial and legal risks

Real-time, monitoring goes beyond a one-time, fixed-point background check and informs you of recent behaviors that might put your organization at risk.

Continuous Monitoring Services

Driver Monitoring

Employment risks are ongoing; some facts about your employees change, and those changes matter. Accurate’s driver monitoring sends you automatic alerts for DUIs, suspensions, revocations, and violations so you can take the actions necessary to put safe drivers on the road. For example, when one of your drivers gets convicted of a DUI, even if they had a spotless record on their hire date, you need the new information.

Professional and Personal Sanctions

In many industries, such as healthcare, your compliance obligations aren’t limited to a pre-employment screening. To ensure you stay fully compliant and that your employees remain eligible, you’re required to monitor employees for sanction violations.

Criminal Record Monitoring

A pre-employment criminal history check identifies any red flags in a candidate’s past that make them ineligible for employment. But what about current criminal activity? Accurate’s live connections with court and arrest resources provide up-to-date data, based on the criteria you specify so you can keep your workforce safe and compliant.

Social Media Monitoring

Accurate’s social media monitoring services search and analyze critical risk categories, including bullying, toxic language, and threats of violence, to uncover potential problematic patterns in employee behavior and reveal current information. If something’s happening right now, you’ll have the information that can provide you valuable insight.

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