Retail background checks matter now more than ever.

Onboard better hires faster. In a high-turnover industry that fluctuates by season, finding the right fit for your open retail positions has never been more important. We help you identify trustworthy new hires who are ready to work right away.

Trying to fill open retail positions is challenging enough. Add seasonal ramp-ups to the mix and you risk bringing on new staff who haven’t been properly vetted. Reducing internal shrinkage and other personnel risks is within your control – if you take a targeted approach to your recruiting. We help major retail brands streamline background checks to identify reliable candidates more quickly.

Reduce duplicate data entry and create a smooth screening process by integrating Accurate Background with your ATS. Trim turnaround time by filtering and prioritizing criminal history results. We specialize in high-volume screening hires and offer mobile kiosk screening using a static link or URL, so you can hire and screen candidates on the spot at high-volume employment events. Our rigorous compliance standards and personalized customer support help protect your exposure to liability, even during the most demanding recruiting scenarios.

Example Packages for Retail

Different positions require different background checks. We offer all the screenings that support successful retail operations, all in a single platform.

Criminal Background Check
Form I-9 & E-Verify
Drug Testing
Health & Medical Services
Employment Verification
Education Verification
Social Media Search
Credit Checks

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