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Keep your fleet moving forward with fast, accurate background checks that help you quickly identify trustworthy new hires with proven track records. We serve all transportation segments, including trucking, aviation, private transportation and more.

Protect drivers, cargo and the community by being proactive about who you put behind the wheel (or in the wheelhouse or cockpit). We provide end-to-end screenings – including drug test scheduling, driving record and criminal background checks – to help you identify issues that could ultimately compromise your company’s reputation or expose your company to liability. Our background check experts work alongside your recruiting team to help you develop a compliant screening program that integrates our advanced technology with the ATS system you already have in place.

We also help you make sure the operators on your roster keep their records clean. Ongoing workforce monitoring reveals any violations that occur during a driver’s active employment with you. You’ll be automatically notified for endorsement and class changes, new violations and violation updates. From there, you can identify problem violations and allocate training resources accordingly to help your team get back on track. As always, if you have questions or need help, we’re available any day at any time.

Example Packages for Transportation

Different positions require different background checks. We offer all the screenings necessary for land, sea and air transportation, all in a single platform.

OfficeMechanicTruck DriverPilot
Criminal Background Check
Form I-9 & E-Verify
Drug Testing
Education Verification
Professional License Verification
Health and Medical Services
Driving History
Additional Federal DOT Requirements
Sanction Check

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