Check the box that there’s no checkered past

The faster you can confirm that candidates don’t have serious criminal charges on their records, the quicker you can advance them to the next stage in the hiring process.

Check the box that there’s no checkered past
2,500+ Federal, State & Local Courthouses

The court system is slow. CourtAxis™ is quick.

Clear your candidates’ criminal records quickly so you can start onboarding your new employees. Our proprietary CourtAxis tool grants instant access to more than 2,500 federal, state and local courthouses, revealing any felony and misdemeanor cases reported on an applicant. CourtAxis slashes turnaround time by automatically completing 86 percent of results found electronically, while built-in machine learning instantly posts motor vehicle records and cleared criminal search results. What once took hours of paperwork, phone calls and faxes can now be completed in just a few moments with just a few clicks.

99.99% accuracy rate

Keep your criminal searches above board.

Protecting applicant privacy is a serious issue. Accidentally breaking the law when conducting criminal background checks not only looks bad for your organization but can also result in legal action. We report only what is compliant, so your reputation remains intact and your exposure to liability stays low.

Instantly investigate past criminal activity

  • County Courts
  • Federal Courts
  • Statewide Courts

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