Make sure your candidate screening tools make your business look good

Don’t let a clunky candidate screening process cause new hires to second-guess your offer.

Leave a stellar first impression.

Your candidate screening process is one of the first official interactions you have with new hires. It’s a chance for you to shine. Dated technology and a difficult UX sends the message that your organization doesn’t care – or lives in the past. Provide your candidates with a seamless background check, without the headache.

Easy does it.

We’ve made every aspect of the background screening process as candidate-friendly as possible. A clean GUI, available in multiple languages, guides candidates through the process from start to finish. Document attachment cuts down on email pile-up, while E-signature submission eliminates the hunt for a scanner. Candidates provide everything needed for a quick, compliant background screening – all from the convenience of their computer or mobile device.

Help recruits keep their cool.

Background checks can be intimidating for candidates. They don’t know what you’re looking for and they don’t know what you’ll find. Our user-friendly mobile portal gives candidates a sense of control while you conduct due diligence. Real-time status reports and updates let them know their information hasn’t fallen into a black hole and they’re still important to you.

Keep an eye on compliance.

Make sure your candidate screening tools don’t accidentally compromise your compliance. Automated, customizable pop-ups guarantee that candidates always see required disclosures and notices before they proceed. Be proactive about maintaining compliance by zeroing in on specific communications within the portal for closer review.

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