Comprehensive background checks for the insurance industry

Smart technologies and expert-developed background check services from Accurate Background assist you in keeping your candidate recruiting processes efficient and compliant. From reducing the time to onboard to ensuring your insurance producers are adequately licensed, we deliver seamless insurance industry background checks tailored to meet your unique needs.

Secure, Reliable, & Compliant Screenings

Regulations in the insurance industry are stringent – and rightfully so. Any individual involved in the sale, solicitation, or negotiation of insurance or related products must be properly licensed. Certain criminal convictions of dishonesty or breach of trust may bar individuals from working in this field. In fact, employing certain felons in the business of insurance without receiving written consent from an authorized insurance regulatory official can qualify as a crime. Accurate can help you navigate these complexities, ensuring compliance and protecting your business from potential liability. Our thorough background checks weed out unqualified candidates and those who might otherwise take advantage of your trust.

Accelerate your onboarding with Accurate

The faster your candidates can be screened and onboarded, the faster they can begin producing for your company. Our proven solutions expedite the process, reducing turnaround times and ensuring your producers are fully licensed and ready to serve.

Navigating complexities across all lines of business

Whether you’re dealing with Property & Casualty, Life, Accident & Health, or Financial Services, we’ve got you covered. Accurate assists both captive and independent insurers in managing the intricacies of screening across all business lines.

Going beyond the basics

Our services extend beyond the basics of insurance industry background checks. In addition to licensing verification, we provide debit checks, appearances on the national terrorist watchlist and Fraud and Control Information System reports listing adverse actions against the candidate.

Effortless integration

Our comprehensive background searches integrate easily with the system you’re already using, whether it’s a major platform or one you developed in-house. Your candidates can conveniently submit necessary documents, provide consent, and receive assistance in their language – all from their smartphone.

Connect With Our Insurance Expert!

Whether you’re new to background screening or looking for a better solution, our insurance expert Kristi Kay is here to help you. Get a free consultation today to see how Accurate can help your insurance organization onboard candidates faster, ensure your producers are properly licensed, and more.

Example Packages for Insurance

Different positions and insurance types require different background checks. We offer a complete set of screening services that can cover insurance professionals in a variety of areas, all in a single platform.

Global Watchlist
Credit Checks
Criminal Background Check
Form I-9 & E-Verify
Drug Testing
Employment Verification
Education Verification
Sanction Check
Civil Search
FINRA Broker Check
Producer Database Search
Debit Check

Services for the Insurance Industry

Debit Checks

In the insurance industry, a candidate’s financial conduct matters. Our Debit Checks can help identify potential hires who have been negligent in their financial responsibilities. Such insights can be particularly valuable when considering candidates for roles where fiscal responsibility is critical.

FINRA Broker Checks

Maintaining compliance in the insurance sector is essential. Our FINRA Broker Checks comprehensively review any disciplinary actions or complaints associated with brokers and brokerage firms. This thorough check ensures you’re only working with professionals who adhere to regulatory standards.

Global Watchlist

As part of our commitment to thorough insurance industry background checks, Accurate cross-references candidates with Global Sanctions and Watchlists. This ensures your potential hires are not associated with any international criminal activities or prohibited entities, protecting your organization’s reputation and maintaining the industry’s high standards.

Producer Database Searches

Knowing the history of potential insurance producers is integral to maintaining industry standards. Our Producer Database Searches offer an extensive review of a candidate’s professional background in the insurance sector. This search provides crucial information about past work experience, ensuring your hires have the qualifications and integrity to serve in the insurance industry.

Criminal Background Checks

The insurance industry demands trustworthiness, and our Criminal Background Checks are pivotal in establishing this trust. We conduct extensive searches to identify any past criminal activities that might raise red flags, ensuring you hire individuals who uphold your company’s integrity and comply with industry standards.

Credit Checks

Financial responsibility matters in the insurance industry. Our Credit Checks provide insights into a candidate’s financial history, helping you gauge their reliability and integrity. These checks are essential for roles where financial decision-making and management are part of the responsibilities.

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