Better background checks help you onboard even faster.

The faster your candidates can be background checked and onboarded, the faster they can begin producing for your company. Our proven background check solutions decrease turnaround time to make sure your producers are properly licensed.

If a person sells, solicits or negotiates insurance or related products, they must be properly licensed. People with criminal convictions of dishonesty or breach of trust could be barred by state and federal laws from working in the insurance business. In fact, employing certain felons in the business of insurance without receiving written consent from an authorized insurance regulatory official can qualify as a crime. Therefore, appropriate background checks are useful for identifying top candidates and protecting your company from liability. But determining the correct producer screenings for your specific situation can get tricky and unqualified candidates who attempt to conceal or fail to mention unsatisfactory information about their backgrounds might take advantage. You want to make sure the process of background screening is in place to ensure the candidate pool for your insurance sales opening meets all licensing, compliance and regulatory requirements. We help captive and independent insurers navigate the complexities of screening for all lines of business, including Property & Casualty, Life, Accident & Health, Financial Services, and more.

Our services go beyond insurance industry background check basics. In addition to licensing verification, we provide debit checks, appearances on the national terrorist watchlist and Fraud and Control Information System reports listing adverse actions against the candidate. Our comprehensive background searches integrate easily with the system you’re already using, whether it’s a major platform or one you developed in-house. Meanwhile, your candidates can submit required documents, sign off on consent forms and get help in their language, all from their smart phone. Smart technologies and expert-developed background check services from Accurate Background keep your job candidate recruiting processes quick and compliant.

Example Packages for Insurance

Different positions and insurance types require different background checks. We offer a complete set of screening services that can cover insurance professionals in a variety of areas, all in a single platform.

Criminal Background Check
Form I-9 & E-Verify
Drug Testing
Employment Verification
Education Verification
Sanction Check
Civil Search
FINRA Broker Check
Producer Database Search
Debit Check

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