Protect your organization by surfacing sanctions sooner.

Accurate’s sanctions checks reduce your chances of proceeding with a hire who could put your organization’s reputation at risk. We help you develop a compliant pre-employment screening program that makes you aware of personal and professional sanctions against your candidates.

Reliable Sanction Screenings

Accurate delivers the industry’s best monitoring of sanctions, exclusions, and other related searches. We understand the intricacies of sanction screening and offer a comprehensive suite of screening packages to make sure all the bases are covered including onboarding new providers and regular rescreening of your staff. Our automated processes integrate directly into your existing system and ensure that your healthcare organization spends more time on patient care and less time on compliance.

Compliant Checks for Your Industry

Our in-house team of compliance experts is dedicated to protecting your organization from violations. They can work to configure built-in automated compliance features to match your industry and help you abide by international, federal and local compliance regulations. This way, you can stay focused on finding the right fit.

Sanctions Services

Abuse Registries Search

Determine if your candidate is on the state’s registered list for reported child or elder abuse. We provide abuse registries searches in states where we can legally access these registries as a third-party on behalf of your organization. Many of these states require the transmission of results directly to you.

Global Watch

Know your applicant’s record in every corner of the globe. Our Global Watch search provides a fraud and terrorist search by gathering current data from top U.S. and Global official sanction and embargo lists.

Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC)

Our OFAC search confirms U.S. foreign policy and national security goals against targeted foreign countries, terrorists, international narcotics traffickers and those engaged in activities related to weapons of mass destruction.

Sanctions and Exclusions

Protect your organization and your patients with Healthcare Sanctions & Exclusions checks. Searches help minimize the risk of employing a sanctioned excluded party by checking listings of individuals and entities prohibited from participating in government programs.

OIG – List of Excluded Individuals/Entities

We partner with the U.S. Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to discover whether or not your applicant has been excluded from participating in federally-funded healthcare programs. We query for information such as fraud convictions related to federally funded healthcare programs, patient abuse convictions related to federally funded healthcare programs, actions handed down by the licensing board and payment default on health education assistance loans.

National Practitioner Data Bank

We access the National Practitioner Data Bank to reveal industry sanctions that could jeopardize your organization’s standing or expose you to liability claims. The National Practitioner Data Bank reveals negative information on health care practitioners, including malpractice awards, loss of license or exclusion from participation in Medicare or Medicaid.

FINRA Broker Check

Confirm the professional integrity of the people joining your organization. We search records through FINRA to verify that present and former FINRA securities firms and brokers have the appropriate, current licenses. Scouring approximately 660,000 currently registered brokers and 5,100 currently registered securities firms, your search will also reveal any disciplinary action taken against the licensee.

How do we deliver a better screening experience?


We’re perfectionists

We put all our energy into optimizing every facet of the client, candidate, and product experience every day.


We listen

We don’t just solve your problem—we work to strengthen your organization. When you talk, we take note.


We’re compliance experts

Navigating compliance rules that vary by jurisdiction is a lot to handle on your own. We keep our eye on compliance at all times so you can focus on finding the right fit.


We’re right-sized for your business

We offer both enterprise-level packages and small business solutions to put the power into your hands – at a budget that makes sense for your business.


We’re here for you

When you call, we answer. We’re available 24/7 in whatever language you speak to answer your questions and help you make the most of our services.


You can count on our technology

We continuously update our platform, and our dedicated team makes sure our tech meshes with yours.

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