Have an awesome ATS? Background checks from Accurate fit right in.

A reliable ATS is the backbone of your entire recruiting process. Integrate background checks into your existing applicant tracking system and take care of your hiring all in one place.

Have an awesome ATS? Background checks from Accurate fit right in.

Advantages of ATS Integrated Background Checks

There are true benefits of integrating background checks with your ATS and they can be measured in real dollars and cents.

  • Reduce Time to Hire
  • Save Money by Reducing Redundancies and Errors
  • Stay Compliant
  • Create Value by Having a Better Hiring Experience

If your recruiting process revolves around your ATS, we’ll be sure to keep it that way.

If you’re using a solid applicant tracking system (ATS), background checks should never be the weakest link. Our proven enterprise-level software and integrated background checks keep pace with the world’s most-used talent management solutions.

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  • Don’t see your system here?

    Don’t worry. Accurate can integrate with any ATS, even one you developed in-house. Contact us to get started.

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Get up and running in six simple steps.



We ask lots of questions, learn more about your searches and see how your business is set up.


Solution Design

The conversation evolves. We talk tech specs, system requirements, your current ATS and workflow.


Customize & Configure

We get busy making adjustments to your account to set you up for success.


Testing & Training

We double-check that everything behaves the way it should. We set up a strategy to bring your staff up to speed.


Go Live

Game time. We’re on hand to make sure deployment happens without a hitch.


Support & Monitoring

Just because you’re live doesn’t mean we disappear. We keep in close touch to answer questions and address any hiccups.

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Ready for a better background screening experience?

Ready for a better background screening experience?

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