Better hiring begins with better background check software.

Recruiting is complicated. Your background check software shouldn’t be.

Better hiring begins with better background check software.

Go straight to the action.

Even if you have integrated Accurate with your ATS or used the API to connect to our automated tools, sometimes you just need to take matters into your own hands. The Accurate client portal is your backstage pass to our proven background screening tools. Use a single, user-friendly platform to manually place orders, see results, order additional services and much more.

Ease up on compliance anxiety.

We’ve managed to make compliance a bit less stressful. Our background check software features built-in compliance controls to help you reduce the risk of an honest mistake that results in serious consequences.

Optimize, then strategize.

A thoughtful hiring strategy not only helps you recruit top talent but also maximizes your recruiting ROI. Don’t go in blind. We created dashboards within the client portal to give you a real-time snapshot of what’s happening with your searches. Monitor important metrics and make smarter, faster decisions about your background check processes.

  • Segment orders by stage in the background check process.
  • View screening health metrics based on order volume, turnaround time, dispute rates and pass rates.
  • Segment data by order package, search component, geography or billing code.
  • Control who in your organization can access which metrics and data.

Everything you need to manage the entire background check process.

  • Recruiter or candidate completion options
  • User-friendly reporting
  • Extend, archive, or review pending orders
  • Create and manage sub-divisions
  • Automated adjudication and approval based on your criteria
  • 24/7 LiveChat
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Business intelligence dashboards

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Ready for a better background screening experience?

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