Now, background checks are a breeze.

Advanced processes. Smart technology. Personalized service. Our full suite of compliant screening services lets you verify candidate backgrounds without sacrificing individualized attention or cutting any corners.

Now, background checks are a breeze.

Employment Screening Services

You’ve found the best candidate for the job. Now it’s time to verify and confirm their information. Run a straightforward search or add specialized services that conform to your needs.

How We Help

We’ve refined our entire process to make the background check experience better for everyone. Here’s how.

End-to-End Compliance

Compliance is built into everything we do. We also keep our software up to date to match jurisdictional and industry regulations.


Happy Candidates

Our mobile-ready candidate portal and 24/7 multi-lingual support team make sure the background screening process is always easy for candidates to manage.


Powerful Tools and Intelligence

Perform background checks on your own terms. Track every search at every stage and gather useful business intelligence to support your recruiting strategy.


Small? Mid-sized? Perfect.

Running fewer than 100 background checks per year? Get ready to streamline your efforts. Our self-service Small and Mid-size Business Solution is built for you, saving you precious time across the board.

Small? Mid-sized? Perfect.

Ready for a better background screening experience?

Tell us what you need. We’ll show you how it can happen.

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