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Advanced processes. Smart technology. Personalized service. Our full suite of compliant screening services lets you verify candidate backgrounds without sacrificing individualized attention or cutting any corners.

A Better Background Check Experience

Your goal is to hire quality talent to contribute to the success of your organization. Our mission is to support your efforts by providing the following:

  • Full compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Top tier, 24/7 customer service
  • Complete data security
  • Advanced reporting

You won’t find a better background experience anywhere else, which is why Accurate has a 98.5% client retention rate.

Employment Screening Services

You’ve found the best candidate for the job. Now it’s time to verify and confirm their information. Run a straightforward search or add specialized services that conform to your needs.

Business Intelligence

Credit Checks

Criminal Background Checks

Driving History

Form I-9 & E-Verify

Monitoring Services

Global Searches

Drug & Health Screening

Identity Management


Social Media Searches


Background Checks Made Simple

For Candidates

Our portal runs on any device so documentation can be completed anytime, anywhere. Focused identity differentiation and fair dispute resolutions mean errors are rare and resolved without fuss.

For Clients

A paperless system eliminates hassle. Seamless ATS integrations managed from mobile or desktop streamline activities and eliminate duplicate data entry. The result: easy ordering, fast processing, and few errors. Compliance is built-in and customer service is 24/7, with 9 of 10 issues resolved on the first call.

Fast, reliable, painless background checks? Absolutely, when you partner with Accurate.

How We Help

We’ve refined our entire process to make the background check experience better for everyone. Here’s how.

End-to-End Compliance

Compliance is built into everything we do. We also keep our software up to date to match jurisdictional and industry regulations.

Happy Candidates

Our mobile-ready candidate portal and 24/7 multi-lingual support team make sure the background screening process is always easy for candidates to manage.

Powerful Tools and Intelligence

Perform background checks on your own terms. Track every search at every stage and gather useful business intelligence to support your recruiting strategy.

Background Check Solutions for Companies of Every Size

Enterprise Clients

High-volume hiring? Accurate streamlines the process from start to finish and delivers fast, reliable, accurate results. We stay on top of compliance and provide real-time notifications, disclosures, and authorizations so you and the candidates always stay in the loop.

Small Businesses

Running fewer than 100 background checks per year? Get ready to streamline your efforts. Our self-service Small Business Solution is built for you, saving you precious time across the board.

Better Screening. Better Hires.

A Better Background Check

Clients and candidates have a better screening experience with Accurate. With features such as user-friendly portals, one-touch ordering, seamless ATS integrations, and exceptional customer service, it’s not hard to understand why businesses choose Accurate and stay with Accurate for all their employment background screening needs.


Compliance requires strict attention to the complex, ever-evolving local, state, and federal regulations surrounding background checks. Accurate stays on top of all that and provides automatic disclosures and notifications so your screens are always fully compliant. From obtaining consent all the way to data security, storage, and disposal, Accurate has providing better compliance completely covered.


Accurate, reliable, timely results help our clients make savvy hiring decisions. Powerful search tools, such AccurateAxis that boasts a 99.99% accuracy rate for court and criminal records, provide the rapid turnaround times, real-time information, and better results you need to secure the right talent for your organization.


Better technology makes employment background checks with Accurate as easy as pressing a button. Candidates and clients appreciate our easy-to-use, mobile-friendly portals. ATS integrations fit Accurate background checks into your existing system seamlessly. And our powerful, industry-leading search tools provide fast, reliable results. It’s a winning combination that helps you make better hiring decisions.

Employment Screening Resources

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The value that we’ve seen in working with Accurate has been in the partnership. It’s their ability to hear what our issues are, learn what our pain points are, and work with us to find solutions to resolve issues quickly, to the best outcome for our team members and us.

Healy MacPhail

Alliance Healthcare Services

VP Human Resources

Accurate has helped us streamline our process by working alongside and partnering with us. They give us great service and work closely with our candidates to get the documents that they need so we get a thorough background check in a timely manner so we don’t lose any of our good candidates.

Deane Osner

Shaw Industries

Divisional Talent Acquisition Director