Background checks just got better.

Stop struggling with “one-size-fits-all” solutions that never fit quite right. We've optimized every aspect of the background screening process to help businesses of all sizes achieve the perfect balance of speed and service.

Background checks just got better.

Better Technology, Better Background Checks

Building a better background check experience starts with technology. Our comprehensive background check solutions provide the following: 

  • Seamless ATS integration 
  • One-touch ordering from PC or mobile devices 
  • Automated disclosures and notifications 

Are you ready to improve the quality of your hires, increase workplace safety, save time, and cut back on paperwork? It’s possible to do all that and more with the help of Accurate’s fully optimized background screening solutions.  


Build a workforce that strengthens your industry.

Our compliant solutions provide you with the appropriate background screenings that meet industry and jurisdictional requirements.

Tailor-made Solutions for a Perfect Fit

10 or 10,000: your business needs the right people in the right jobs with the right qualifications and it needs them to be safe and honest.

Your Size
Our services are fast, affordable, and customizable. Pay-as-you-go and no monthly fees give every business access to the same benefits our enterprise clients enjoy.

Your Industry
Our solutions adapt to fit any industry. From healthcare to retail, from transportation to gig work, we’ve got you covered.

Your Technology
Log in to our API or tap into our ATS integrations for a fully streamlined process. Whatever your tech requirements, Accurate is ready for you.

Advanced Technology that Fits Your Workflow

Tired of being bogged down by workarounds? We designed our best-in-class technology to match the realities of how you do business.

ATS Integrations

Accurate Background screening solutions are proven to work seamlessly with every major ATS platform.

ATS Integrations

Background Check API

Connect your web or mobile app to our screening services and automate the background check ordering process directly from your technology of choice.

Background Check API

Automated Court Access

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to conduct criminal searches with our proprietary CourtAxis™ tool.

Automated Court Access

Candidate Portal

Make it easier for your candidates to sign and submit their background check forms directly from their laptop or mobile device.

Candidate Portal

Client Ordering Platform

Control every aspect of your background check process and collect useful business intelligence that helps you sharpen your recruiting strategy.

Client Ordering Platform

Background Check Solutions for Companies of Every Size

Enterprise Clients

High-volume hiring? Accurate streamlines the process from start to finish and delivers fast, reliable, accurate results. We stay on top of compliance and provide real-time notifications, disclosures, and authorizations so you and the candidates always stay in the loop.

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Small Businesses

Running fewer than 100 background checks per year? Get ready to streamline your efforts. Our self-service Small Business Solution is built for you, saving you precious time across the board.

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Background Check Solutions You Can Count On

Minimize Your Liability

Every new hire opens your organization up to new potential risks. Accurate’s background checks reduce those risks and protect your organization from issues such as fraud, theft, uncertified or unlicensed employees, violence, negligent hiring, and more.

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