Healthcare industry background screening for providers who care.

Hiring for the healthcare industry is complicated. Organizations must quickly onboard the most qualified personnel to deliver optimal patient care while also protecting their employees, patients, and reputation.

Healthcare Workforce Screening Solutions

Hiring and staffing for healthcare organizations require navigating the complexities of federal, state and local regulations as well as credentialing requirements. Conducting the appropriate pre-employment background check for each of the many roles in your organization is critical. And, due diligence doesn’t end after onboarding. Maintaining a compliant workforce is equally important to mitigating risk and protecting your organization, your employees, and your patients.

Accurate is a leading provider of automated healthcare workforce screening solutions that assist you in complying with your obligations. We help organizations focus on providing quality patient care by optimizing every part of the screening experience for both our clients and their candidates.

Customized Screening Packages

Leveraging industry-leading partners and compliance technology, Accurate enables its clients to make the informed hiring decisions needed for healthcare’s complex staffing requirements and competitive labor market. At Accurate, we take the time to understand your unique needs and to build the screening packages that work for you.

  • Customized screening packages to screen for a wide range of positions
  • Comprehensive suite of pre-hire background checks and workforce monitoring solutions
  • Knowledge of federal, state, local, and association compliance requirements
  • Quick and intuitive process to optimize the candidate experience
  • Expertise and systems that deliver high verification rates
  • Screening consistency for payroll employees, contingent staff, and volunteers
  • Efficient, automated processes and easy to understand analytics
  • Dedicated internal healthcare support team
  • Partnerships with key professional healthcare associations including NAHCR and ASHHRA

Example Packages for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations staff for a wide variety of positions and those different positions require different background checks. We offer all the screenings necessary for the healthcare field, all in a single platform.

Medical Records ClerkRegistered NurseHome Health Aide
Criminal Background Check
Form I-9 & E-Verify
Drug Testing
Education Verification
Employment Verification
Social Media Search
Sex Offender Registry
Professional License Verification
Healthcare Sanctions & Exclusions
NPDB Check
Occupational Health Services
Nurse Aide Registry Check
Driving History

Connect With Our Healthcare Expert!

Whether you’re new to background screening or looking for a better solution, our healthcare expert Dawson Pulliam is here to help you. Get a free consultation today to see how Accurate can help your healthcare organization onboard candidates faster and ensure your clinical staff is properly licensed.

How do we deliver a better screening experience?

Drug and Health Screening

The Accurate platform can be used to schedule a wide variety of drug testing and occupational health services, including vaccinations, titers and TB testing, as well as expanded drug panel options. Standalone services like vision testing, audiograms, respiratory clearance and chest X-rays can also be added.

Healthcare Sanctions & Exclusions Check and Monitoring

Accurate helps healthcare organizations remain compliant and reduce risk by identifying individuals that have been sanctioned or excluded from participating in federal and state health care programs. We offer several automated options for checking and monitoring Healthcare Sanctions & Exclusions.

Professional License Verification

Accurate validates the accuracy and status of professional licenses, board certifications, certificates, and memberships in professional organizations. We make direct contact with the issuing authority to verify the license type, status of the license, date of issue, and expiration date.

Abuse Registry Search

Determine if your candidate is on a state’s registered list for reported child or elder abuse. We provide abuse registries searches in states where we can legally access these registries as a third-party on behalf of your organization.

National Practitioner Data Bank Check

Checks of the National Practitioner Data Bank reveal negative information on health care practitioners, including malpractice awards, loss of license or exclusion from participation in Medicare or Medicaid that could jeopardize your organization’s standing or expose you to liability claims.

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