Background check compliance is built into everything we do.

When conducting searches that rely on sensitive information, compliance should never be an afterthought. We make background check compliance easier on you, developing software and solutions from the ground up that help protect your candidates’ information and your exposure to liability.

Automatically Distribute the Right Notices

The Accurate Background platform will show candidates the correct forms and legal notices, at the right time, based on their job and location. On your end, electronic disclosure and authorization processing, along with local notices, save time and space in the file cabinet. The platform can also distribute pre-adverse and adverse action notices on your behalf, so your candidates stay informed.

Adjudication Services

Our rules based engine allows you to set your criteria against your unique hiring guidelines, as well as Federal, State and local rules. Also, our adjudication services permit you the opportunity to perform an Individualized Assessment, resulting in better hiring decisions.

Hands-On Approach

Our experienced team takes the time to understand the requirements related to your business, location and industry. We help you set up a background check program that is focused on keeping you compliant.

Maintain Compliance Wherever You Operate

Compliance matters around the world just as much as it does on your home turf. Our document management system supports configurable compliance notices. Align hiring best practices across all your locations.

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