Smart identity verification for employment is the first step in finding the right fit.

Make sure your candidates are who they say they are. Safeguard your company, shield your clients and protect against losses by reducing the risk of fraud and ID theft. Our identity management services help you increase confidence in who you’re bringing onboard.

Mobile-Optimized Candidate Portal

No more hunting around for a scanner or copier. Candidates can submit their documents quickly and easily with their fingertips. Our identity verification for employment makes it easier to capture data from candidate documents and enables them to submit their digital signature directly through the app.

Identity Management Services

Identity Document Validation (IDV)

Reduce the risk of moving forward with fraudulent identification. Candidates can upload their identity document directly through their mobile device.

SSN Verification

With a candidate’s consent, you can gain direct and immediate access to records that verify essential information such as Social Security Number, name, date of birth, gender and even death (if the records indicate the SSN belongs to a deceased individual).

How do we deliver a better screening experience?


We’re perfectionists

We put all our energy into optimizing every facet of the client, candidate, and product experience every day.


We listen

We don’t just solve your problem—we work to strengthen your organization. When you talk, we take note.


We’re compliance experts

Navigating compliance rules that vary by jurisdiction is a lot to handle on your own. We keep our eye on compliance at all times so you can focus on finding the right fit.


We’re right-sized for your business

We offer both enterprise-level packages and small business solutions to put the power into your hands – at a budget that makes sense for your business.


We’re here for you

When you call, we answer. We’re available 24/7 in whatever language you speak to answer your questions and help you make the most of our services.


You can count on our technology

We continuously update our platform, and our dedicated team makes sure our tech meshes with yours.

Ready for a better background screening experience?

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