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Minnesota Ban the Box legislation

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The Basics

  • Location: Minnesota
  • Legislation: SF 523
  • Effective: January 1, 2014

Key Takeaways

  • Appears to apply to all Minnesota employers.
  • Criminal history information cannot be sought before an interview. Otherwise, an employer must wait until after a conditional offer of employment.

Who does this effect?

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights released an “FAQ for Private Employers,” which states that the ban-the-box law applies to all Minnesota employers, including the “Minnesota operations of companies that operate in multiple states.”

What does the law provide?

  • Criminal history information can be sought after an interview or, if no interview, after a conditional offer of employment.
  • The law does not prohibit an employer from notifying applicants that law or the employer’s policy will disqualify an individual with a particular criminal history background from employment in particular positions.

Are there any exceptions?

Does not apply to, among others, employers who have a statutory duty to conduct a criminal history background check or otherwise take into consideration a potential employee’s criminal history during the hiring process. Employers should consult with their to see if they are otherwise exempt from the law.