Save time and receive reliable information about a candidate’s professional experience utilizing our employment verification services.

Objective, third-party verification of a candidate’s work history provides valuable assurance that the candidate has the experience and skills they claim. Refrain from simply trusting the contents of a candidate’s resume; Verify candidates’ employment history with the help of Accurate’s employment verification services.

Why Verify Employment History

Experience counts. That’s why you included it in the requirements for the position. But with resume embellishments on the rise, how can you know you’re getting the experience you asked for? Employment verification services provide independent confirmation of an applicant’s work history and help you do the following:

  • Establish integrity. Lies about work history are sadly common, and your business can’t afford the perils of dishonest employees.
  • Ensure accuracy. Work history verifications assure employers that the candidate’s information is accurate.
  • Mitigate risk. Onboarding employees without the requisite experience poses significant risks to your organization, including risks to the quality of your product, your corporate morale, and even your reputation.
  • Decrease time to hire. Conducting your own reference checks is time-consuming and resource-heavy. Accurate provides you with the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Relevant Data Points & Reporting

If you have attempted to verify an individual’s employment experience in the past, you know the process is challenging. Our employment verification service get you the information you need with fast turnaround times. Reports may include information such as the following:

  • Dates of employment
  • Job titles
  • Reasons for leaving their previous position(s)
  • Rehire eligibility

When reviewing the results from our employment verification services, you will be better able to identify discrepancies and make confident, informed hiring decisions.

Flexible Employment Verification Services

Accurate currently offers two employment verification options:

  • AccurateConfirm is an automated, mobile-friendly, candidate-driven system that quickly and efficiently confirms work history using data from payroll providers or other candidate-provided employment documents.
  • Employment Verification involves contacting past and/or current employers to verify information such as dates of employment, positions held, and eligibility for rehire.

Each service offers you information so you can ensure you are engaging with an individual who has what your organization needs.

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