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Connecticut has legalized both medical and recreational cannabis use. Employers in the state have certain rights and responsibilities related to cannabis use by their employees.

Legal Status: Medical and Recreational

Protections for Medicinal Users & Exceptions:

Employers in Connecticut cannot discriminate against applicants or employees based on their status as qualifying patients. Protections are available unless the employer has a compliant drug and alcohol testing policy.

Protections for Recreational Users & Exceptions:

Connecticut’s law provides exemptions for various industries and positions, allowing employers to be exempt from certain employment-related sections of the law.

Restrictions on Testing for Cannabis:

The law does not apply to drug testing, conditions of employment, or hiring practices for certain employers required to test under federal regulations or those covered by collective bargaining agreements.


While Connecticut offers protections for cannabis users, employers can still enforce reasonable regulations concerning cannabis use and take action against employees who appear impaired.