Picture of Anthony Tran

Anthony Tran

In 2015, fresh out of college at UC-Irvine and just beginning his career, Anthony Tran applied for a job at Accurate, not really knowing much about the company. Seven years later, you could say that Anthony is a lifer. If you want to learn, you want to grow, and you want continual opportunities and growth, Accurate says Anthony, is the place to be.

Since he started with Accurate, Anthony has experienced his own professional growth as the company also has grown significantly. Starting in the accounting department as a staff accountant, he has since moved on to roles as a financial analyst and leading his own team.

“I’ve been exposed to a lot of situations and have had a lot of opportunities to learn and develop with a lot of support from leadership,” he says.

The Perfect First Job Experience

Anthony feels that Accurate provided a perfect first job experience. Because the company was relatively small at the time, and growing quickly, he was able to take on a lot of responsibility and have a lot of autonomy in doing his work—something he doesn’t think would have been the same at other companies.

He’s appreciated the opportunity to take on more responsibilities and gain opportunities and has seen others do the same. “I’ve seen employees move from different functions and across functions like operations, product, technology, HR. There’s a lot of opportunity for employees to do that here,” Anthony says.

“Everyone’s supported and everyone wants to make sure that you succeed in your role,” he says.

A Culture That Resonates

Accurate’s culture is built on four core values pillars that unify the company with a common purpose, define where they’re headed, indicate what they’ll do to get there, what they believe in, and how they will behave with each other and their customers. They are:

  • Take ownership: be accountable for your actions, your team, and the company.
  • Be open: be open to new ideas.
  • Stay curious: stay curious even as you move forward.
  • Work as one: work together to create the best customer and workplace experience.

The one that resonates the most with Anthony is “stay curious.” In his role, he says, he’s had the opportunity to identify ways to capture new revenue as well as positively impact spending and cost reductions. “It’s like pulling a thread slowly and asking questions—in the end you might uncover something that will actually be pretty big and significant to the company.”

Navigating the Shift From In-Person, to Remote, to Hybrid

Like other companies, Accurate has seen some shifts in its work models and practices since COVID emerged. Anthony says he initially missed the interactions and events Accurate traditionally had and especially appreciated the opportunity to come together in person for the company’s 25th anniversary event. “It was nice to be able to interact with each other in person.”

He acknowledges, though, that he likes the new hybrid approach the company is taking. “There’s more balance in your work and in your personal life,” he says.

Wherever he may be located, though, Anthony says his focus is on contributing as much value as possible.

Providing Value While Making a Difference

In addition to the personal and professional growth opportunities he’s found at Accurate, Anthony says he has come to appreciate the opportunity to make an impact and provide value. The ability to support the company, he says, has been very impactful for him. “Where I find my place is helping others here,” he says.

With a footprint, now, in multiple continents, Accurate’s growth has continued to fuel those opportunities and, he believes, will continue to do so.

Anthony is committed to helping his team and others have the same types of experiences and opportunities that he’s had—“using the knowledge I’ve gained to be able to help them make their own impact in their own meaningful ways.”