Picture of Chelsie Mandry

Chelsie Mandry

From Skeptical Start to Finding Her Comfort Zone

Chelsie Mandry admits that when she first learned about a job opening at Accurate, on Craigslist, she thought it was a scam and her early months with the company actually had her looking for new opportunities.

But she’s glad she persevered and, eventually, found her niche at Accurate.

It was back in 2011 when Chelsie saw the ad promoting a job with the verifications team involving criminal research. With a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, she found the opportunity intriguing. “I figured it was a nice way to utilize the years of school in a general way,” she says.

It was a temporary role but after starting out in domestic law research she moved into the international verification team where she worked for three years.

It wasn’t a good fit for her, though, and she says: “I almost left Accurate—I had taken several interviews outside of the company.” Then she found an opportunity to join the onboarding team.

“I have stayed under this little niche for five years now,” she says. It’s a fit, she says, that feels like family.

Finding Her Second Family

The onboarding team, Chelsie says, is very supportive, nurturing and caring. She recalls a time when she was experiencing some complications from COVID, and her managers were “literally like you need to stop working.”

The culture at Accurate, says Chelsie, varies from department to department which is true of any organization. There are some teams that need to be very focused on details which, she says, can lead “some teams to being very nitpicky.” There are others, she says, “where everybody’s very uplifting and we can tell just based on a phone call whether or not you’re having a really good day or bad day.”

But it’s not only the family feel of being part of the onboarding team that Chelsie enjoys. She also loves the analytical nature of her job.

“Considering I moved out of criminal justice, I’m very analytical,” she says. Her job, she says, “has really allowed me to utilize the analytical side as well as my organizational skills.”

She also likes the customer interactions she has and, especially, the opportunity to help clients understand what can be very technical terms. “I love it when a client says, ‘I don’t understand’ or, “explain that for the non-technical person,” she says.

A Place Where You Want to Come to Work

“I never wake up anymore feeling like I don’t want to go to work,” Chelsie says. She enjoys the people she works with and the work itself.

“The work that I do now is very technical,” she says. “We’re more on the technology side of things, doing integrations work, connecting an ATS from a client system to Accurate essentially.” It is, she says, like communicating in different languages—“like Spanish, or Italian versus English.”

Her work also directly affects the client experience which is also gratifying. “We’re trying to make our clients’ lives a little bit easier—they’re not having to remember multiple logins or having to manually submit information to us; it’s just a very streamlined process,” she says.

Chelsie says that it’s the challenges her work presents that really keeps her engaged. Her most memorable experiences with Accurate, she says, is “every client that goes live, especially those that are the most challenging or involved customized accounting configurations. That really makes me proud,” she says.

She makes a special effort to connect with customers whenever she has an opportunity to interact with them by putting some item related to their brand in view. For instance, she says, when working with Red Bull, “I always try to have at least one Red Bull can in my view of the camera.”

These are the kinds of connections that Chelsie has really enjoyed during her five years working with the onboarding team. So much so that, when asked where she sees herself in the future at Accurate, it’s right where she is. “I love this team,” she says. She would, though, like to learn about development and coding.