Picture of Jeanine Knapp

Jeanine Knapp

Moving On, But Not Moving Out

Jeanine Knapp says that she has spent “six wonderful years” with Accurate—she started in April 2017. At the time, she says, she was a new resident in California and was searching for jobs related to her degree in criminal justice and criminology.

She came across a job opportunity with Accurate and it sparked her interest. Already having a natural aptitude for background screening she looked online for past employee reviews. She found a lot of good ones. What really stood out to her, she says, were the many references to “opportunity for growth.” “I’ve always been someone who moves up rather quickly because I tend to feel stagnant if I’m in one position for a long time,” she says. In addition to that, she says, she discovered that the culture was really good and that Accurate offered good benefits.

Jeanine landed an interview and was immediately taken with the people and the climate of the company. “They were great people,” she says. They liked her too. She was offered a job the same day and soon started as a public records criminal researcher running background checks in different counties and states.

She loved the work, she says. “I was able to actually read case dockets. I was able to learn about different state laws and regulations. I just thought it was really interesting.”

But, after about a year, Jeanine says, she felt it was time to move on.

Moving On to New and More Challenging Roles

“About a year in—maybe not even a year—I told my supervisor I was ready for growth,” Jeanine recalls. “I wanted to continue learning new things and build my knowledge with background checks and the organization.”

That was the first of about three times during her tenure with Accurate, she says, that she told her managers she was ready to move on. And, each time, she says, they were highly supportive. “They said, ‘we want you to move up—we want you to spread your wings and advance with Accurate even if that means leaving our department.” So she went from public records criminal researcher to public records lead, to working with the onboarding team and then to the integrations team in her current role, a position she’s had for about three months.

“It’s been great so far. I’m really enjoying it,” she says. “I really like the technical side of things. You have to be a problem solver which I absolutely love.”

She also loves Accurate’s culture.

A Culture That’s Real—And Really Resonates

Jeanine says the strong culture at Accurate was apparent to her when she first interviewed. “I felt like everyone was very welcoming as I was walking around the building and being introduced, and they were all asking questions and seemed very intrigued to meet me. I felt like that meant that we were a team and I wasn’t going to be jut the new person sitting in the corner.”

Accurate’s culture is built on four core values pillars that unify the company with a common purpose, define where they’re headed, indicate what they’ll do to get there, what they believe in, and how they will behave with each other and their customers. They are:

  • Take ownership: be accountable for your actions, your team, and the company.
  • Be open: be open to new ideas.
  • Stay curious: stay curious even as you move forward.
  • Work as one: work together to create the best customer and workplace experience.

Jeanine says she has them memorized and that they’re all important, but the two that resonate most with her are “be open” and “work as one.”

Having worked at other companies where she didn’t feel her opinion was valued, Jeanine has found it refreshing at Accurate to find how open to feedback the company—and everyone in it—is. “Accurate will actually listen to your opinions and thoughts and we’ve even made changes based on what people feel a good process change or addition would be. Seeing that happen is really exciting.”

And, she says, the company definitely works as a team. “I feel like everyone is striving together to achieve success for Accurate.”

The constant recognition at Accurate also stands out to her, Jeanine says. It’s something, she says, that she really didn’t experience at other companies. “I was shocked at how much recognition people get—at our town halls we have different awards given out, we have a sales kickoff meeting where people are recognized. I just think that’s great. It makes people feel like they’re making an impact with Accurate and that Accurate actually appreciates them.”

While Jeanine recognizes her ongoing quest for continued growth and new learning opportunities, she’s confident that she’ll be able to realize them at Accurate.