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Even as we introduce new technologies, we insist on keeping things personal. Our customer support? We are here to answer your call. Our customer support team is ready, around the clock, whenever and wherever you need us to address your business needs. Transparency? Communication, every step of the way. Our service teams? The most trusted in the industry. That’s why we can deliver things like a 90% first-time call resolution, and one of the most loyal customer communities in the industry.

Statistic Decoration 98.5% Client retention
Statistic Decoration 1,700+ Employees & growing
Statistic Decoration 90% First call resolution

Background Check Solutions for Companies of Every Size

Enterprise Clients

High-volume hiring? Accurate streamlines the process from start to finish and delivers fast, reliable, accurate results. We stay on top of compliance and provide real-time notifications, disclosures, and authorizations so you and the candidates always stay in the loop.

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Small Businesses

Running fewer than 100 background checks per year? Get ready to streamline your efforts. Our self-service Small Business Solution is built for you, saving you precious time across the board.

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Stay ahead of the compliance curve.

Compliance is always changing. Our approach to it never does. Discover the strongest and deepest commitment to compliance in the business. With regulation and legal standards built into every aspect of our technology, you can reduce exposure, secure your reputation, and achieve peace of mind.


Keep your candidates happy.

Are people your most valuable asset? Then don’t take a transactional approach to engaging them. For candidates, background screenings are the front door to your organization. We’ll help you to make each candidate experience a great one.


The right fit for every industry.

Customize your background check process to fit the roles and regulations of any industry.

16,000+ Customers Worldwide
47M+ Annual Searches
98.5% Client Retention

Flexible screening technology that suits your needs.

We offer tailored solutions custom fit to meet your business needs. With Accurate, you get fast, reliable background checks on your terms. One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we deliver more than one way to screen. Whatever your tech requirements, Accurate is ready for you.

Background Check API

Get started quickly with compliant background checks. Simply connect your web or mobile app to our screening services.


Accurate ATS Integrations

Streamline your background check process. Integrate Accurate Background with your current applicant tracking system.


Client Ordering Platform

Need high-volume background checks? Employ more than 1,000 people? Let’s optimize the process from start to finish.


Global brands enjoy optimized screening. Care to join them?

Accurate is helping organizations everywhere improve their hiring decisions. Successful companies large and small are enjoying Accurate’s better background check experience. Are you ready to take advantage of all Accurate has to offer?

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Ready for a better background screening experience?

Ready for a better background screening experience?

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