A Better Background Check Experience

No matter your industry, company size or unique needs, we have what you need to create a better background check process.

Built-In Compliance

We take a proactive approach to providing services and support that keep you compliant.

  • Electronic Disclosure and Authorization processing
  • Local compliance forms automation
  • Hiring criteria consistency
  • Pre-adverse and Adverse Action management

Instant Access to Court Information

Our proprietary CourtAxis™ technology allows access to real-time information to over 2,500 federal, state and local courthouses, resulting in faster background checks and more accurate results.

Manage Your Background Checks With Ease

Our Enterprise and Small Business solutions are designed to make life easier for recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Place orders easily
  • Make quick hiring decisions
  • Review user-friendly reports
  • Add additional services as needed

Your Candidates Matter

The Candidate Portal allows applicants to complete background checks from any device, allowing for faster processing and a better overall experience.

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Sign documents with a fingertip
  • Real-time status updates
  • Supports 13+ languages

Contact Our Sales Team

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