Behind the Screen: a Webinar Series

You’re invited to join us for a monthly webinar series on background checks, processes, regulations, and how to compliantly hire someone. Learn about best practices, recent legal updates, and more in quick refresher lessons from legal experts at Seyfarth Shaw.


Background Checks 101

Background checks are usually the final step employers take as part of their effort to make informed hiring decisions. This process can be daunting and can result in legal claims when not done properly. This webinar will clear up confusion about background check basics and provide the latest legal requirements, as laws are constantly changing.


Disclosures, Authorizations and Adverse Action (FCRA)

Employers must get a candidate’s consent to run a background check. While this sounds simple, job applicants have been pursuing class actions against employers over very minor technical defects with their background check forms and processes. During the last decade these cases have resulted in settlements in the millions with no sign of this trend slowing down. This webinar will discuss the Fair Credit Reporting Act’s (FCRA) highly technical requirements when employers order and make decisions based on background check reports.


Making Decisions Based on Criminal & Credit History

Employers screen their workforces to protect their property, confidential information and employees, and also to mitigate the risk of negligent hiring claims. What do you do when an applicant’s background check reveals information of concern and may pose a risk to the organization? This webinar goes into detail whether (and to what extent) an employer can make decisions about information revealed from a pre-employment background check.


Ban the Box & Adverse Action

As ban-the-box continues to spread like wildfire at the state, county and city levels, it’s important that employers are compliant with more than just removing the criminal question ‘box’ from employment applications. This webinar highlights the additional ways in which ban-the-box laws impact an employer’s use of criminal records for hiring decisions.


How to Compliantly Hire Someone

Hiring new employees to join your company can be an exciting time and a great indicator that your business is succeeding. Background checks are a critical part of this process to help you make informed decisions about people you want to hire and have access to your information, property, and customers. With ever-changing laws, you’ll want to attend this “soup to nuts” webinar of the hiring and background check processes.