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How to De-Risk Hiring in the Gig/Sharing Economy

 Mitigate the risk of hiring gig workers by taking steps to properly vet and check the background of your top.
Patti Dorsey

Transitioning to the Gig Economy: An Interview with Patti Dorsey of Bolster

“I’m a recruiter at heart. I always knew I would end up in recruiting doing what I love,” Patti explained..
Gig Economy Changed During COVID

7 Ways the Gig Economy Changed During COVID-19

The gig economy was already exploding prior to the pandemic, but the gig economy changed during COVID in ways that.
rideshare background checks

How Rideshare and Delivery Driver Background Checks Work

For rideshare companies, the issue of trust is paramount; if riders don’t trust the drivers are safe, they simply won’t.
social security numbers and background checks

Don’t Trust Your Business to a “Partial” Background Check API

We’re currently living through a redefinition of work and what constitutes a job.  Technology has given way to the “sharing.
social security numbers and background checks

Accurate Background CEO on the “Sharing Economy” Workforce – HRDive

Many “sharing economy” services get rave reviews. However, a few recent cases have highlighted situations where contractors with backgrounds ranging from.

“Can I Trust You?” The Question Every Sharing Economy Company Must Answer

If you had to name the biggest economic disrupters of 2014, Uber and AirBnB would likely be at the top.

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