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Don’t Trust Your Business to a “Partial” Background Check API

Date Published: October 27, 2015 | Last Updated:September 15, 2023 | By Accurate Background
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We’re currently living through a redefinition of work and what constitutes a job.  Technology has given way to the “sharing economy” and transformed the ways people can make a living. As these flexible work environments grow so does the need for technologies that can create trust relationships.

Background Screening in the New Workforce

Instead of the typical 9 to 5, you can hire out your car, home, or unique skill sets and sharing economy companies will match you with clients. Online marketplaces like Angie’s List and Home Advisor are making it possible for contractors and clients to directly connect.  Applicant tracking systems have made it possible for HR departments to streamline the entire hiring process online.

In order to build a safe environment for these types of transactions to take place, many companies are integrating with background check APIs. However, not all background screening APIs are created equal.

The new “workforce” has many meanings, and background screening requirements are just as diverse and nuanced. A driver’s background check may include a motor vehicle report and drug test, a tutor may require education verification, while a handyperson may need a thorough criminal history check and verification of a professional license. And all of these background check services need to be compliant with FCRA, Federal, State, and Local requirements and provide positive applicant experiences. Unfortunately, there are many examples of background screening APIs emerging onto the market, but offering only a partial solution. Criminal history checks, but no drug testing. SSN validation, but no employment verifications. Claims of “fast” turnaround times, but no structured compliance tracking functionality or ability to request additional information from candidates. After we announced our new v1.5 API last week, another vendor, suddenly made immediate changes to their ‘service scope’ and added claims of drug and verifications capability to their website as a ‘customer capability.’ How did that vendor create a product in 24 hours? How do they service verifications using 20 employees where we employ over 400 to handle our work load?

In this new system built on trust, can you really afford these kinds of holes in your background screening service or rely on vendors making claims without the infrastructure to support them?

Don’t Accept Less from Your API

Integrating with an API should not mean settling. The Accurate API is the industry’s answer for comprehensive background screening. The Accurate API provides full access to the broadest range of background screening capabilities – including FCRA compliant criminal screening, drug testing and education and employment verifications. The capabilities of the API are flexible allowing for situations where all information about a candidate is known up front or for scenarios where the candidate needs to provide additional data along the way.

And unlike competitive offerings, the Accurate API is fully backed by award-winning U.S. based customer support and nearly two decades of background screening expertise.  The reality is when a candidate wants to query or dispute a finding, they need all channels of communication. We offer online chat, email and telephone services. This means API users not only get fast, efficient technology, but the industry know-how needed to avoid risk and provide great candidate experiences.

3 Things to Require of Your Background Screening API

  • Broad OfferingYour requirements can change. Don’t settle for a background screening API that is not comprehensive, Ensure it offers criminal, education, employment and drug screening. You never know when one of these will be needed on your next assignment.
  • Built-In Compliance Background screening solutions that de-emphasize compliance put your brand and business at risk. Compliance is a critical aspect of screening, with the FCRA as a touchstone. Choose a vendor who specializes in compliance rather than leaves the complexities for you to figure out.
  • Positive User ExperiencesIt’s inevitable that applicants will have questions about their background screening reports. Make sure it’s easy to get in touch with customer support. Phone, online, and email support are critical. A twitter feed is just not enough.

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